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Microsoft Windows, Autodesk and the price of progress...

We have been getting a lot of calls with users running Windows XP & Windows Vista recently. Basically, our installers will not allow you to install on older unsupported operating systems.

For information on Autodesk and Windows Vista, please check out this solution:

Personally, I love Windows XP because it was pretty rock solid and it got some extra lives because of the release of Windows Vista.  Here are some interesting blast from the past moments in they year that Windows XP was released [2001]:

Hey, we know Windows XP is old, but one of the biggest advantages, if you upgrade to a newer operating system is that you can now work on larger files (64 bit), multi-task (use more CPUs) more and have a better user experience.

Indeed, it is the price of progress....

Certified Hardware

2014 System Requirements for Suites

All the PDFs in the System Requirements page will have a detailed information on what operating systems are supported.  You will notice that some of the Standard Suites will support either XP or 32 bit.

The only Suite that supports Windows XP is the Building Design Suite Standard. Otherwise, it will be 32 bit Windows 7.  If you need to use Premium or Ultimate Suites, you will need a 64 bit Windows 7/8 operating system.


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Stefan O

You must be thinking of the Nintendo GameCube, not the N64 :)

David Lau

Thanks. You are right! Good times.

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