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Windows 7 & 8 + Internet Explorer 10 = No Subscription Center login

Ahhhh, uggg, oooo....I am falling off a precipice without a spare web browser!

When you try to go to the Subscription Center, in Internet Explorer 10, the default web browser in Windows 8 and an optional install in Windows 7, you will get the following results:


The tricky part is that as soon as you put in your cursor in the login area, it will blank out!


The only workaround at this time is to download and use a different web browser.


Typically, I will have all 3 browsers installed on my computer.  Anything Microsoft, i.e Sharepoint, I will use Internet Explorer, basic browsing and blogging, I will use Firefox and Chrome.   Also, if you ever develop some basic html pages, you actually need to have all 3 browsers to ensure that the pages look the same.

It is ironic that I had encountered the problem before when writing this tip but I didn't really thing much of it because I was only thinking about the tip.  TGIF!

Our development team is aware of the issue and we are working on resolving this issue ASAP.


Please refer to this Technical Solution to use Compatibility View Settings in Internet Explorer 10 to resolve this issue.

Thanks to Philip Schmelzer for sharing this tip with the community.


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This also happens on Windows 7 64-bit Machines with IE10! I saw this in action today

David Lau

Thanks for the confirmation. I just updated the blog post to include Windows 7.

Bryan Tanner

Please keep in mind, you can still type your user name, Tab, then type your password, and hit Return. You won't be able to see what you type in the boxes, but so long as you don't have a typo, you'll still successfully login.

David Lau

Stay awesome! Thanks for the tip.

E.J. Parranto

Work Around for "Windows 7 & 8 + Internet Explorer 10 = No Subscription Center login"
- do not type anything in the name or password box but submit it blank. The error panel will appear, insert your name and password and you will be logged on.
- Check keep me logged in and you will not see this again till it is fixed by AutoDesk.
- In addition open your EI 10 and use Alt T and add AutoCAD to your Compatibility View Setting.

John Karben

Yep yep...confirmation on the work around above.

Hit the Submit button...entry fields work in the resulting/next screen

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