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AutoCAD Utility Design 2014 Extension 1 installation

Apply AutoCAD Utility Design 2014 Extension 1 to a Stand-Alone Installation.
Follow these instructions to install this update on a single computer.
1.Download the update from your Subscription Site and save it to any folder.
2.If required, insert the product media or make sure the installation source files are available.
3.Find the folder where you saved the update and double-click the executable (EXE) file.

Apply AutoCAD Utility Design 2014 Extension 1 through a Local Network.
Follow these instructions to install this update on multiple computers using your Local Network.
1.Download the update and save it to any shared folder on your Local Network.
2.Find the shared folder where you saved the update, and double-click the executable (EXE) file.
Note: Installation through your local network using the CAD Manager Control Utility is not supported for this update.

Apply AutoCAD Utility Design 2014 Extension 1 to a New or Existing Deployment Image.

Select the executable file as an "Add-on" from the "Include additional software" screen of the deployment configuration wizard.

Uninstall This Update.
This update cannot be uninstalled. You must uninstall and then reinstall Autodesk AutoCAD Utility Design 2014 to return to the previous state. If you choose to do this you should not need to relicense your installation.

Mac OS 10.8.x Server + Mac Mini + EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 34 Exit reason 2

If you are setting up a license server on the Mac, you may encounter the following error:


No valid hostids, exiting
EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 34 Exit reason 2
adskflex exited with status 34 (Invalid host).

What made this cas interesting is that the system was a Mac Mini running Mac OS 10.8.x with a Server "Add-in" so in the About Dialog box, it will just state that the computer is running Mac OS 10.8 but in reality it is a Mac OS X Server.



To solve this problem, you will need to generate your license based off your Wi-Fi (formerly AirPort) card even if you are not using it.

Wi-Fi > Advanced > Hardware > Ethernet Address


Thanks to Fred Levy for confirming this workaround solved the problem.


Fatal Error + AutoCAD Architecture 2014 & 2012 + Geforce Video Card

When running AutoCAD Architecture 2014 or 2012, as soon as you right mouse click on the grid, you may get a FATAL ERROR.  If you have been following our blog, FATAL ERROR's are very difficult to resolve.


AutoCAD Architecture 2014 - FATAL ERROR:  Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x0040 Exception at 401f19beh

In terms of licensing, the software was setup to be a network version so the first thing I was thinking about is the video card. As soon as I saw that it was a Geforce Card, it made me think of this blog post:

As soon as we changed the software to launch as an Intergrated graphics (default), the error when away. Once the software runs, you can typically switch it back and forth to the High-performance Nvidia processor mode.


Please note that we have a limited selection of certified Geforce Cards that will run Autodesk products so please review our recommended hardware list below:

Thanks to Kyle Davis for confirming that this solved the problem.

Bonus tip:

Minimizing the extraction of Autodesk software

I am extracting my Autodesk Suite and then I will click on the minimize icon in the Autodesk Self-Extract wizard:


If try to re-extract the software and the first extraction has not been completed yet, I will get this error:


Question:  How do I get the Autodesk Self-Extract progress wizard back?  


Answer:  Just click on the widget "Show Hidden Icons" and click on White Arrow with the "Autodesk" A.

Inventor Professional 2014: Hacking the registry to change the license from Network to Standalone.

To change licensing method for Inventor Professional 2014 you need to edit the following registry key.


Change values for the Value keys below:
LicenseType  from Network License change to Stand-Alone License
LicenseMode from 1 change to 2

NOTE:  Always backup the Registry and/or make a note of the values!


Inventor 2012: Hacking the registry to change the license from Standalone to Network

AutoCAD Mechanical 2014: Hacking the registry to change the license from Network to Standalone

To change the licensing method for AutoCAD Mechanical 2014 you can try editing following registry key.


Change Type value key from 1 to 2

NOTE:  Always backup the Registry and/or make a note of the values!


AutoCAD Family 2014: Hacking the registry to change the license from Standalone to Network.

AutoCAD 2012: Hacking the registry to change the license from Standalone to Network.



Tip: Reinstalling a video driver

1. Create a system restore point before changing or updating a video card driver.

2.  Find and download the correct video driver.  If you are running a laptop, make sure that you have the one from the manufacturer first to test out and download the latest one from the vendor.

3.  Reboot in safe mode.

4.  Uninstall the video driver from the Control Panel.

5.  Reboot and test Autodesk software using a generic Windows driver.

6.  Install the driver from the manufacturer.

7.  Go to Start > run > Type: cmd.  In the Command prompt, type:  Winsat formal -restart

And now the interesting story....

The user had Mudbox 2014 and was running on a Quadro 2000M video card. Technically, the graphics hardware is certified but the Lenovo W520 was not system hardware that we have tested. There was a Lenovo W530 system in the list which was close.  What made this case interesting is that when you started Mudbox, it would have this error:

Mudbox Application file has stopped working

Mudbox application file has stopped working

We downloaded the video driver noted here:


If you google the downloaded file:  sp61076.exe, you will notice that this driver was created for HP Elite Mobile Workstations so even before trying to install it, it may not work with a Lenovo Workstation.  After some googling a bit more, we were able to find the driver for the system here:

Mudbox 2014 was still not functioning but after a second reboot, the system automatically when into Windows System Assessment Tool and after the assessment, Mudbox 2014 started to work.  I did a bit of googling afterwards and found the command below will force the test:

Winsat formal -restart

My guess is that during this test, the system will automatically set the computer settings to highest performance mode.  The added side effect was that caused Mudbox to start up.

I would like to thank Lynda Bohager for sharing her experience with the community.

Installing Maya 2014 on the Mac via Command Line


I recently helped a customer that wanted to install Maya on the Mac via command line.  Although, it is not supported, some of the information is exposed via the instructions on installing Maya on Linux:

The technical guru had completed most of the task by trial and error but just needed a bit more clarification to close the loop on the problem.  For more information on the workflow, please check out his blog post below:

Kudos Mr. Many Ayromlou, Kudos!