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Simulation CFD 2014: The (basic) Solver license could not be checked out from license server

We recently came across an interesting problem with Simulation CFD and the Solvers.  The software will run but the solver will error out.  It is very similar to this issue in Simulation CFD 2013:

The only difference is that the client was 'remote'.  So the user had a license server and the there was a client workstation pointing to the license server that was running Simulation CFD 2014.  

In this case, the solution was easy, we needed to replace the Network License Manager [NLM] to the IPv6 compliant versions.  What made this an interesting problem is the CFD did run but it didn't solve.   The instructions for swapping out the NLM IPv4 to NLM IPv6 is noted in Step 7 here:

Thanks again to Royce Abel for his CFD for his expertise and David Geldard for confirming this was indeed the issue.


Simulation CFD 2012 & IPv6 NLM


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