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AutoCAD 2014 Cascading with Product Design Suite 2014

Here is an interesting scenario for the point product AutoCAD 2014 cascading with Product Design Suite 2014.  In this test, we are using the following Autodesk Products in the matrix:

  • Point Product AutoCAD 2014 = This is AutoCAD 2014 only!
  • AutoCAD 2014 in the Product Design Suite 2014 = AutoCAD Mechanical 2014 with Vanilla Profile.
  • AutoCAD Mechanical 2014 = One of the products in the Product Design Suite 2014.

1.  You have a network license for the point product AutoCAD 2014 and Product Design Suite 2014 at your site. 

2.  If you install the Product Design Suite 2014 only and launch AutoCAD 2014 from that shortcut, it will always use a Product Design Suite 2014 license. The reason is that this AutoCAD 2014 shortcut is actually using a vanilla profile of AutoCAD Mechanical 2014.


The main advantage is that it is saving you drive space on your computer because you don't need the point product AutoCAD 2014 installed on your computer.

3.  Because you have both the point product AutoCAD 2014 and the Product Design Suite 2014 network license at your location, if you want point product AutoCAD 2014 to cascade from the 'cheapest' license to the 'newest' license, you will need to install the point product AutoCAD 2014 on all  your computers.


4. If the computer has the point product AutoCAD 2014 as well as Product Design Suite 2014 installed, if you launch point product AutoCAD 2014, it will use a point product AutoCAD license.


5.  If you leave the point product AutoCAD 2014 running and then launch AutoCAD Mechanical 2014 that it in the Product Design Suite, it should automatically cascade up to the Product Design Suite 2014 license and return the point product AutoCAD license back into the pool.



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