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How to move deployment Image to another system.

To move your deployment image from one system to another please follow steps below:

1. Copy the deployment and verify that everything has been copied
from \\system1\deployment to \\system2\deployment
2. Go to  \\system2\deployment\Tools folder
3. Right click on ‘Create & modify a deployment’ shortcut and select Properties
4. Change Target path as follows:
\system2\deployment\AdminImage\setup.exe /MD \\system2\deployment\AdminImage\deployment_name.ini /ML /language en-us
5. Change Start in path as follows: \\system2\deployment\AdminImage
6. Double click on ‘Create & modify a deployment’ shortcut
7. Select ‘Modify an existing deployment configuration
8. Make sure that Administrative image path and create log file path are correct
9. Click Next and follow the wizard.



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Dale Bartlett

I have found in the past that running the option ‘Create & modify a deployment’ effectively rebuilds the deployment image.
When I have tried this previously, it took as long to rebuild as creating the original.
It has been a while since I have needed to modify an image, so I am possibly wrong. Can you comment?

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