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Maya 2014 & the case of FOUNDATION.dll Error

We came across this interesting error awhile back with Maya 2014.   This is a daunting error because this is pointing to a Windows problem.  It is not even sending a CER report to Autodesk!

Maya Error

One clue to the solving problem was that the 'normal' account caused the problem but the Administrator account did not and Maya worked perfectly.  The first thing that comes to mind is privileges. We started by using Procmon to check for items being denied.  It is the same workflow noted here:

The error was still there after we cleared all denied items, so we needed to get another Procmon file.  The last file actually contained no problems. i.e. denied.  We just went to the last line item for Maya.exe to see if there was a problem....


Serendipity!   In this case, the problem was caused by using a symbol in a user name.  i.e. $F  Athough some symbols can be used in Windows for a name of a file or folder, it's best not to use them.  Please note that in Windows, this is not the same a C$.


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Nice going! :)

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