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2014 Products + Setup.exe + Crash & CER Report

A bit of luck is involved in solving issues.  We recently solved an issue that was very similar to the Display Link issue we had a couple of years ago.  The symptom is run setup.exe, a Crash & CER Report is generated.  The wizard is still running in the background and you basically need to use the Task Manager to kill the setup.exe.

The problem this time was ASUS software.  We needed to uninstall the following items via the Control Panel and the Setup.exe for Autodesk software worked.

  • ASUS gamer OSD 
  • ASUS Smart Doctor

Our SQA (Senior Quality Assurance) guru Kenny Chan also mentioned this hack to get around this issue. 

1. Copy the Media to your hard drive.

2. Show file extensions on your computer.

3. Edit the setup.ini file using Notepad.  We need to change the following from:

VC_DESCRIPTION=Check Hardware Requirements



Thanks to P.J.G for confirming that this solution solved the problem.



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Serendipity! I bet this somehow involved Process Monitor :-D

David Lau

Procmon didn't find anything. It was luck, pure luck.

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