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AutoCAD 2012 and Sabrent USB External HD Video Adapter

This is another example of a 3rd party software causing a problem with AutoCAD. When the user launches AutoCAD 2012, there is a FATAL error:

Fatal Error. Unhandled Exception 0x006c Exception at de835debh Aborting.

The system was a laptop with a Quadro 2000M video card that was certified. In this case, the problem was caused by a Sabrent USB Display Adapter and the Sabrent USB Software Driver that is used to connect the computer to the monitor. 

In this special scenario, they were trying to use 3 monitors on a laptop and the solution is to uninstall the Sabrent USB Software even if you don't have a 3rd monitor connected.

Thanks to Rakesh Hora for sharing this tip with the community.



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