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Windows 8.1 Support = Please upgrade cautiously!

At this time, if you use Autodesk products, I would hold off on upgrading to Windows 8.1.  We are currently testing Windows 8.1 with all Autodesk products and we will be updating the following solution as we get more info:

Windows 8 Support for Autodesk products

We do have some updates for some products noted below:

Inventor Unexpectedly Exits on Startup on Windows 8.1

Model Documentation Hotfix for 64-bit Windows 8.1

Crash when launch Autodesk software on Windows 8.1 with dual video cards


AutoCAD 2012 and Sabrent USB External HD Video Adapter

This is another example of a 3rd party software causing a problem with AutoCAD. When the user launches AutoCAD 2012, there is a FATAL error:

Fatal Error. Unhandled Exception 0x006c Exception at de835debh Aborting.

The system was a laptop with a Quadro 2000M video card that was certified. In this case, the problem was caused by a Sabrent USB Display Adapter and the Sabrent USB Software Driver that is used to connect the computer to the monitor. 

In this special scenario, they were trying to use 3 monitors on a laptop and the solution is to uninstall the Sabrent USB Software even if you don't have a 3rd monitor connected.

Thanks to Rakesh Hora for sharing this tip with the community.


Maya 2014 on Mac + 10.9 [Mavericks] + Error 110 when activating

We recently got an issue with Maya 2014 on Mac + 10.9 [Mavericks]. You will get an  Error 110 when activating it. In fact, you will not even be able to manually activate the sofware. The solution is noted below

1.  Delete Maya 2014:

2. Download and install Maya 2014 SP3.

What made this issue interesting was that we tried using Maya 2014 & Maya 2014 SP2 for Mac and it had the same error.  This only was resolved by installing Maya 2014 SP3!



We just received confirmation from the Development Team that Maya 2014 SP3 has some updates to the licensing libraries that fixes the Error 110.

Epilogue II

You can also use Maya 2014 SP4 to solve this problem:


Thanks to Andrew M. for confirming that this solved the problem.

Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D 2014 SP1 + Storm & Sanitary Analysis Installation

The AutoCAD Storm and Sanitary Analysis installer will not install onto AutoCAD MAP 3D 2014 SP1. When attempting to do so, you will receive the following error message:  


 AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 or Map 3D 2014 must be installed for Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2014 to be installed.

To workaround this issue, you must uninstall SP1 from Map 3D 2014.  The Service Pack can be uninstalled by loading the Program and Features Control Panel and clicking on View installed updates.



One the Service Pack is uninstalled,  Run the Storm & Sanitary Analysis [SSA] install again.  Please re-apply the Service Pack after SSA is installed. The AutoCD Development team has been notified of this issue and is working to resolve it ASAP.

Thanks to the troubleshooting wizard Jeffry Asbury for sharing this tip with the community.


AutoCAD 2014 + Security Update + SP1

We recently had an inquiry about the order of installation for the Service Pack [SP] and the Autodesk® AutoCAD® Code Execution Vulnerability – Security Hotfix for AutoCAD 2014.


The following workflow will install the Security Hotfix:

  • Install AutoCAD 2014 -> Install Autodesk® AutoCAD® Code Execution Vulnerability – Security Hotfix -> Install SP1
  • Install AutoCAD 2014 -> Install SP1

We were able to confirm from the AutoCAD development team that AutoCAD 2014 SP1 includes the Autodesk® AutoCAD® Code Execution Vulnerability – Security Hotfix.

Thanks to Osamu Motoyama for alerting us of the workflow. 

Mac OS Mavericks [10.9] + Autodesk Products

Apples-os-x-mavericks-hands-on-in-pictures-galleryI love updates that are free but please update with caution! Any full point release [10.9] is pretty much a whole new operating system on the Mac.

If you are currently using Autodesk products on the Mac, please don't upgrade yet. There are some known issues noted below:

Maya 2014

Maya 2014 Extension 1 SP1 – Available on Subscription Center
Maya 2014 SP3

Maya LT 2014

Maya LT 2014 Extension 1 -  Available on Subscription Center
Maya LT SP1

Mudbox 2014 for Mac

Mudbox 2014 Extension 1 SP1 – Available on Subscription Center
Mudbox 2014 SP2

AutoCAD 2013 for Mac

AutoCAD 2013 for Mac SP2

AutoCAD LT 2013 for Mac SP2

Alias 2014

Alias 2014 SP 3 & Alias 2014 SR1 SP1

Sketchbook Pro



Autodesk Smoke 2013


Smoke 2013 is currently unsupported on 10.9.




As of October 23, 2013,  AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT 2014 for Mac has just been released and it supports Mac OS X Maverick [10.9].

Please check out the Comments section for a note in this post for users of Maya 2014 & Mudbox 2014.

Autodesk Point Layout not appearing in Navisworks

Just an FYI from one of our gurus:

We...had a user that was unable to see the Autodesk Point Layout menu when in Navisworks. It appeared in Revit as its own tab and the contextual tab was appearing in AutoCAD as well.

For Navisworks, to get the APL plugin installed and viewable, you need to have the Navisworks service pack installed.

With this service pack installed, the APL link appeared in the ADD-ins menu in Navisworks.

How to install Autodesk 360 Update 3 from command line.

1.Download A360 UP3.
2.Open a windows command line (Start > Search > type cmd and hit Enter).
3.Change working director to the folder you downloaded A360 UP3.
   e.g. cd c:\a360u3
4.Run following command to extract msp file
   c:\a360u3> Autodesk360_x64_Release_update3.exe /e a360u3.msp
5.install the update 3 with following command
   c:\a360u3> msiexec /update a360u3.msp /passive /norestart

Autodesk Suites + Sketchbook Designer & Sketchbook Pro

So what's the difference between Sketchbook Designer and Sketchbook Pro?  Both have similar tool sets but the big difference is that Sketchbook Designer can edit drawings using a paint and vector [bezier type curve] workflow.  This higher end version of the software is only bundled in an Autodesk Suite.

First, when you run the Sketchbook Designer, you have the option to run either version.


What happens if you click on "Do not show again"?  If you choose Sketchbook Designer, you can use the menu item to swap it to Sketchbook Pro.


To bring the "Do not show again" option back, just use Notepad to edit Sketchbook Designer.ini file located here:






The 3.0 folder is the path for Sketchbook Designer 2014.  If you have Sketchbook Designer 2013, the folder will be named 2.0.    You may also rename the file to reset it back the default.