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Maya 2014 on Mac + 10.9 [Mavericks] + Error 110 when activating

We recently got an issue with Maya 2014 on Mac + 10.9 [Mavericks]. You will get an  Error 110 when activating it. In fact, you will not even be able to manually activate the sofware. The solution is noted below

1.  Delete Maya 2014:

2. Download and install Maya 2014 SP3.

What made this issue interesting was that we tried using Maya 2014 & Maya 2014 SP2 for Mac and it had the same error.  This only was resolved by installing Maya 2014 SP3!



We just received confirmation from the Development Team that Maya 2014 SP3 has some updates to the licensing libraries that fixes the Error 110.

Epilogue II

You can also use Maya 2014 SP4 to solve this problem:


Thanks to Andrew M. for confirming that this solved the problem.


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Hot box doesn't work on 10.9 for me. Any others have this problem?

David Lau

Are you using more than 1 monitor? Having multiple monitors may cause this problem on the Mac.


Hello guys. Maya and Alias design are so close can you please correct the same error appearing on Alias Design for Mac 10.9 Mavericks ? Please, it is urgent now ! I annoyed because I can't use the soft on new MacBook Pro since last week.
Best regards

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