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Maya 2014 + Windows 7 [Clean] + Unexpected Error

Inventor 2013/2014 + Avast Anti-Virus Software + Red X PLACEHOLDER

We have been getting a high frequency of Inventor software failing to install due the usage of Avast Anti-Virus software. The error is typically the following:



The only solution is uninstall the the Avast software before installing Inventor.

Thanks to Jeffry Asbury and Byron Morales for alerting us of the problem.



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Herb Coffer

I am new to these blogs.
I have installed INV 2014 on a new SSD hard drive, but get error. No 30 day trial and no activation. It will not UNINSTALL or REinstall. HELP.

David Lau

It is best to log a case or go to the Autodesk forums.

1. To uninstall software that won't uninstall, we use Microsoft Fix It.

2. An activation window should show up. I would make sure IE 10 is not installed on the computer.

3. Browser download of the software is sometimes necessary. It is best for 'troubleshooting' purposes.

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