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Autodesk Inventor Shared templates and File permissions

NTFS file permissions are tricky when you configure multiple groups with different permissions. I would always recommend keeping it simple to avoid application issues.

Recently we worked on a permission issue related to Inventor. In Autodesk Inventor you could configure various support files to share from a Network location.

More details on what can be configured is here.

Since I was focused only the templates part in this particular, I will share some tips for that. It might apply to other components too.

  • When configuring Templates please make sure the user permissions to shared folder is as follows.
    • Full Control ->if you want users to make any changes to the Template files
    • Read Only->If you don't' want users to make any changes to the Template files
  • Please don't set "Special" permissions or "Modify" permissions on these folders/Files. This would cause undesired results.
  • Also while making changes to the folder permissions make sure no users are using the folder/files.
  • You can see .lck file when templates are in use with Full/modify permissions.


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