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Project Falcon for Inventor 2013

Project Falcon is a free technology preview that simulates airflow around object “Project falcon”.

If you try to install the version for Inventor 2013, you will notice that the add-on is not made available and if you previously already downloaded the 2013 add-on version you will encounter a “Falcon For Inventor expired” error message.


This is due to the fact that the 2013 version has a “time bomb” in it, which has now run out.

In this case, you should download the “Microsoft Windows Standalone Application” stand-alone version. It runs all by itself and does not require Autodesk software.

To use it in conjunction with your Autodesk Inventor files, you will have to export a STL file from inventor and then load the STL file in to the stand-alone “Microsoft Windows Standalone Application” program.

Thank you to Scott Sheppard for helping clarifying the situation.

Educational Watermarks [Plot Stamp] + AutoCAD 2014 SP1

Please be very cautious when using an Educational version of AutoCAD 2014 SP1.  There is a STILL an EDU watermark [plot stamp] but the warning is now suppressed in SP1.  If you open the same EDU file with AutoCAD 2014, the EDU [plot stamp] warning will show up!


For more info on this topic, please review the following forum post:

To quickly see if your files are an EDU version, just review this blog post:


Proxy servers and Autodesk 360

We frequently get questions about access to Autodesk 360 services through Network proxy server.

We have documented various finding and proposed solutions here

Recently we came across another online component which used for within Revit. This is a component imported from

Here is a complete list of Domains which needs to have anonymous access through the proxy server.





















Autodesk Inventor Shared templates and File permissions

NTFS file permissions are tricky when you configure multiple groups with different permissions. I would always recommend keeping it simple to avoid application issues.

Recently we worked on a permission issue related to Inventor. In Autodesk Inventor you could configure various support files to share from a Network location.

More details on what can be configured is here.

Since I was focused only the templates part in this particular, I will share some tips for that. It might apply to other components too.

  • When configuring Templates please make sure the user permissions to shared folder is as follows.
    • Full Control ->if you want users to make any changes to the Template files
    • Read Only->If you don't' want users to make any changes to the Template files
  • Please don't set "Special" permissions or "Modify" permissions on these folders/Files. This would cause undesired results.
  • Also while making changes to the folder permissions make sure no users are using the folder/files.
  • You can see .lck file when templates are in use with Full/modify permissions.

The case of the -5 Error + Licensing Borrowing + VPN + Crashing

Sometimes a bit of luck is involved in solving a problem.  Error messages are good but sometimes, the error message may NOT correct.  In this case, the license server was setup correctly with a Autodesk T1 license and AutoCAD Map 3D 2012 was not launching.  There was a -5 error.


Based off this technical solution, a -5 error means that there No such feature exists on the server.

We then confirmed the following:

1. The license server was working correctly and there were more than enough licenses on the server.

2. Other clients computers could run the software and could connect to the server.

3. The computers were in the same office. Only one workstation was having the problem.

3.  We also used FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS=3 and it appeared to be searching for the license but it could not find it.


4.  In the folder: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\AdLM, the *.log file had the following error message and it matched the -5 error description.

8596 2013/12/03 14:58:14 ComputerName=CNU2230D2C
8596 2013/12/03 14:58:14 OS=6.1.7601.Service Pack 1
8596 2013/12/03 14:58:14 File=AdlmIntNWFBLicense.cpp,Line=766
8596 2013/12/03 14:58:14 VendorID=3 [FLEXLM-NW]
8596 2013/12/03 14:58:14 VendorError=-18 [Server does not support this feature]
8596 2013/12/03 14:58:14 FLEXLM-NW=v11.9.0.0 build 87342 x64_n6
8596 2013/12/03 14:58:32 Reason=Fatal error

During the troubleshooting process, the user mentioned that the system was a laptop and he was trying to borrow a license while on VPN and it crashed.

Eureka! We then checked for in the registry to see if a license was borrowed and there was indeed an entry in the hive in the following location.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FLEXlm License Manager\Borrow

We backed up the registry key [File > Export] and then deleted it.  We then launched AutoCAD Map 3D 2012 and it was able to connect to the server as expected and the -5 error disappeared.

Thanks to John H. for confirm that this workflow solved the problem.