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Autodesk Vehicle Tracking + Licensing

Autodesk Vehicle Tracking is an add-on to an AutoCAD product vertical.   There are some important notes about mixing Standalone and Network licensing noted here:

In summary,  the following licensing models will work:

  • AutoCAD [Standalone] +  Vehicle Tracking [Standalone]
  • AutoCAD [Network] +  Vehicle Tracking  [Network] 
  • AutoCAD [Standalone] +  Vehicle Tracking  [Network] *

*You need to install Vehicle Tracking as a network version and move the LICPATH.LIC file into the following folder:

  • C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Vehicle Tracking 201x


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enzo di paolo

We are using IDS ULTIMATE 2014(6 licenses) and AVT 2014(3 licenses) with network license manager both.
We have no problem to borrow IDS license(...typing borrowlicense from command line or using the functionality from help menu...) but how to borrow AVT LICENSE?
there are no funcionality available on AVT help menu...

David Lau

I am checking with the Civil Team is this functionality is possible.

enzo di paolo

oops...I found...

Giovanni Perego

Where did you found the license borrow for AVT?

David Lau

Borrow the license normally via About Dialog box.

After closing and reopening the borrowed main application. You still have to click activate on APL, but it now comes up with the standard borrowed Lisc msg.

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