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Error: 1: 5 2: adlmPITSetProductInformation failed. 3: 2 + Security Permissions

Recently, we had this error when installing an Autodesk product:


Error: 1: 5 2: adlmPITSetProductInformation failed. 3: 2

If you Google search the error message [as of 01/17/2014], you will find two solutions noted here:

In this case, the customer actually didn't have a productinformation.pit file in the C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\AdLM directory.  

When we checked the folder permissions of the ADLM folder, there was an interesting setting in the Security Tab of that folder.


No permissions have been assigned for this object.

With a bit of luck, when we added permissions to the folder, the Autodesk product installed.  Here is a summary of the solution/workflow:

1.  Navigate to:  C:\ProgramData\Autodesk.
2.  Right Mouse Click on the folder:  AdLM.
3.  Go to the Security Tab.
4.  Click on the Edit button.
5.  Click on the Add button.
6.  Type: Everyone and click OK.
7.  Give Everyone Full control.
8.  Highlight Users and also give it Full control. *After step 7, you will get the other user types.  i.e. SYSTEM, CREATOR OWNER, Administrators, etc.
9.  Install your Autodesk product.

 Thanks to Tim Payne for confirming that this solution worked.


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