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Here is a scenario for MacBook Pro users [Nvidia Geforce GT 750M] running Mavericks [10.9] with a Boot Camp partition running Windows 8.0. In this episode of troubleshooting tenacity, the user had the Maya Creation Suite 2014 installed. Maya 2014 worked but MotionBuilder 2014 and Mudbox 2014 did not work.

The error for Mudbox was:  Unsupported Graphics Hardware.


Error:  Mudbox requires ATI or Nvidia graphics

Technically, Mudbox prefers Nvidia Quadro & AMD FirePro video cards and it is noted here:

To solve this problem, we used Start > run > msinfo32 > Components > Display to see the graphics driver that it was using and it was the Microsoft Video Driver.  This is a default Boot Camp installation setting for WIndows 8.0.

In this case, to resolve this issue we downloaded and installed the appropriate Nvidia Graphics Driver [Nvidia Geforce GT 750M] on the system. Autodesk software started up without any errors and as a bonus, the Thunderbolt Display Port will also work in the Windows Boot Camp partition as well.

Thanks to Anthony Vecchione for confirming that this solution worked.



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