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Performance: AutoCAD Launch, Folder-redirection, Drawing on network (WAN) share etc.

We got few cases around AutoCAD slow launching time when users have my documents re-directed to a network share or opening files from a network share on WAN.

Folder redirection issues are discussed in this solution

We did some analysis using procmon around the AutoCAD launch behavior, which could explain the reason for the slowness.

  1. During program launch AutoCAD looks for various support/customization files (.lsp,.arx,.cuix etc.) within the current working directory and search path.
  2. Current directory would be set to My documents folder when launched from the default desktop shortcut.
  3. If you double click a drawing (.dwg) to open AutoCAD, location of the drawing would be set as current working directory.
  4. If the drawing contains connections to other drawing or other shape/support files it will search in the current working directory and search path
  5. If any of these paths are on a slow network share, you will feel that AutoCAD is starting slow.

In order to troubleshoot the issue you could follow steps below.

  • Dowload and run procmon.
  • Filter for process name = acad.exe



  • Start AutoCAD or open the drawing.
  • Stop the capture.
  • Click on tools->File summary
  • Click on File Time column header twice to sort it in descending order


File/path listed on top of the list should be causing the delay.


Some tips to fix the issue.

If the path is within the AutoCAD support search folders, you can edit this within AutoCAD options.

If the path is my documents folder redirected to a network share, you could launch AutoCAD by double clicking on a .dwg file.



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