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Autodesk Knowledge Network [2014] is now live!


We have recently updated the "knowledge engine" on the Autodesk site. This means that some of our solutions that were traditionally searchable via Google may not work anymore because it has been indexing our data as Technical Solutions (TS).  In some instances, they do get re-directed but sometimes they don't.  For example, the Technical Solution [TS13587543‎] below may not work:

As a workaround, you can use a Google cached version of the solution [or any cached solution]:


Please note that most of the solutions do indeed work and have proper re-directs:

Don't forget to clear your internet cache if the page doesn't re-direct correctly. i.e. beehive URL


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Giovanni Perego

Sorry, but this is a bad new for technical people and bloggers, who have registered a lot of links to Autodesk Knowledge Base...

You should let the old URL live for a while, giving us the time to change the links.

Many thanks

David Lau

Some of them work, some of them don't. I totally understand as I have been linking to them as well.

David Lau

If you are having problems, you may need to clear your web browser's cache.

Rafael Garcia

The new product support (updates, tutorials,...) is terrific. All the links, also for the programs (see 3ds,...) are broken.


It's annoying that the publish date of the artcle is not visible inside the article. For example when looking at service packs.
And where can one leave feedback on this? Hmmm...

David Lau

I have posted it as a request (date) in our internal tracker. Thanks!

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