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Mike Burke

Thanks for providing a workaround.

I have followed the steps and it works. What I have noticed on the new layout we are missing important information like the publish date and the affected programs.

For example:
The old page shows the date and affected programs...

The new does not have this info...

I hope this will be rectified soon by putting this info back on the page, otherwise this is another step backwards with Knowledge Network.

David Lau

Thanks! I will alert this limitation to the AKN team.


I noticed that the article ID is in the URL, it's the "&id=22947844" in this:


So to get to the article you can input the number after these:


Only one of them will work so you'll have to try both:


It would be nice if the web developers could make an automatic redirection on the webserver for the old URLs with a mod_rewrite script...

David Lau

I will update that request to the AKN team.

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