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Distributed Licenses for Autodesk products

I just did a remote session using Teamviewer and I just found out that you can create distributed licenses easily!

For example, if you have 100 licenses of AutoCAD 2014 and if your license server goes down, your entire company will not be able to run AutoCAD.  You can split up your pool of licenses by using a distributed setup so that you have 2 license servers.


If the license count on the first server is 50 licenses and the second server has the other 50 licenses. This means that if one of your license servers goes down, your end users will still be able to work because you still have access to the other 50 licenses.

When you go into here to get your license:

Choose the Distributed server option and choose the # of servers to generate the license file.


This is the where you can choose the ratio of licenses to be divided up.  In our example, we need to make sure that it adds up to 100 licenses of AutoCAD. 


You can modify the deployment and change the deployment type to Distributed [Name of deployment > Tools > Create & modify a deployment] or you can add an environment variable to include the 2 license servers.


If the software is already installed, you will need to add an environment variable to your computer for the 2 servers.



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Can we use this method for more than 2 license servers?

David Lau

Yes! I can't recall how many you can set when you login.

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