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AutoCAD 2015 Application Error (0xc0000142) + Autoruns for Windows

We have been getting some cases in which AutoCAD 2015 would not launch. The error is:


The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142).  Click OK to close the application.

To solve this problem, we needed to use an advanced Windows Sysinternals Tool called Autoruns for Windows:

Launch the program and look for the following tab:  AppInit.  This will basically tell you if a dll is unsigned or digitally no longer valid on your computer.  All you have to do is rename each dll listed, one at a time and launch the product to determine the problematic dll.


With a bit of serendippity, we [Avto Chachava] also solved a (0xc0000005) error using the same process, in this case the problematic dll was:


We have been using Procmon for ages, here is another tool in our troubleshooting arsenal.  Thanks to Kenny Chan for sharing this tip with the community.



This appears to be an issue with Adobe Acrobat 9.5.x Extended Web Capture module and this can be easily seen in AppInit tab of Autoruns for Windows.


Epilogue II

Below is another vendor that has an unsigned dll.



Epilogue III

One of our technical gurus [Osamu Motoyama] was able to change a setting in the registry to solve this problem. You can try to change the value to default of 0 in the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\LoadAppInit_DLLs



FYI, some of the offending 3rd party applications may change this value to 1 upon launching them.

Epilogue IV


Kaspersky 2011 AV is another problematic Appinit.



Autodesk 2015 Products + Latest NLM [11.12]

If you are using a network license of your Autodesk 2015 product, you MUST update to NLM [Network License Manager] 11.12 in order for the software to get the license from the license server. This process should only take 5 minutes.

GET the NLM tools here:

Please review this blog post for details on how to SWAP out the older tools with the newer tools:



Sketchbook Pro for Enterprise 2015: Where is the Network License Manager Software?

If you are looking for the Autodesk Network License Manager under the Install Tools & Utilities section, the screen is blank.


  1. Navigate to DVD.
  2. Right-click and select Open from the menu.
  3. From the list of DVD files, open the Network License Manager folder.
  4. Choose the platform appropriate for the installer.
  5. Click the file within to run the installer.

This is noted in the readme files.  You can also download NLM from the web here:


Distributed Licenses for Autodesk products

I just did a remote session using Teamviewer and I just found out that you can create distributed licenses easily!

For example, if you have 100 licenses of AutoCAD 2014 and if your license server goes down, your entire company will not be able to run AutoCAD.  You can split up your pool of licenses by using a distributed setup so that you have 2 license servers.


If the license count on the first server is 50 licenses and the second server has the other 50 licenses. This means that if one of your license servers goes down, your end users will still be able to work because you still have access to the other 50 licenses.

When you go into here to get your license:

Choose the Distributed server option and choose the # of servers to generate the license file.


This is the where you can choose the ratio of licenses to be divided up.  In our example, we need to make sure that it adds up to 100 licenses of AutoCAD. 


You can modify the deployment and change the deployment type to Distributed [Name of deployment > Tools > Create & modify a deployment] or you can add an environment variable to include the 2 license servers.


If the software is already installed, you will need to add an environment variable to your computer for the 2 servers.


Top 5: Forum Posts in March 2014

IMAG0387Recently, I was given some data on the Top 5 forum post activities in the Install & Licensing Discussions group and we were trying to figure out a way to solve them.  So drum roll please, I am hoping to post the Top 5 forum issues each month.   I will try to highlight knowledge base articles, workflows, tips, & tricks as necessary.


3DS Max 2014 for mac OSX

This falls into the realm of product development.  Some products run natively on the Mac and some require Parallels or VMWARE Fusion to run and noted in the Run Windows products on the Mac section page below.

If the product is listed in the in the Run Windows products on the Mac, this means we have tested it in our QA department.  For example, Autodesk Simulation CFD 2014 would not be certified to run on a Mac running with Parallels or VMWARE Fusion.

The next issue would be the video card on the mac. You can use the Certified Hardware page below to see if we have tested the video hardware against the Autodesk product you are trying to run.

Some Products Fail to Install, Result 1603

I am going to be honest, if you see this error, this basically means the install failed and it can be caused by anything!  This error code can happen with any product installation, i.e. Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop etc.  We do have a basic article on figuring out the problem and if it's Autodesk related, you can go here:

Communication Failure Error with installation

This one is about knowing what type of download you want to use: Install Now, Download Now or Browser Download. Please check out the following solutions & blog posts:

Unable to activate Maya 2014 error 110

This issue is resolved and the trick is to remove Maya on the Mac correctly.  It is noted here:

Registration-Activation Error (0015.111)

This is a Front Desk issue and they may need to provide new activation codes for your Autodesk product. They may send you a private message via the forum.


When we start the troubleshooting process whether it came from cases, forum posts etc, we may document a workaround internally [unvalidated], once we re-use the unvalidated solution again, we will validate it and get the publishing team to post the solution in our Knowledge Network.  You may have noticed some one-off solutions on our blog like:

I have posted the solution internally [unvalidated] and externally via the blog so that the community knows of the problem.

Inventor Publisher 2013 R1 SP1 Hotfix + Windows 8.1

If you have Inventor Publisher 2013 R1 and you are Windows 8.1, you will get this error:

Inventor Publisher 2013 R1

Inventor Publisher has stopped working.

In order to resolve this issue, you will need to run this update:

You may get this error if you run the update:

Inventor Publisher 2013 R1 Update Error

The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to be upgraded maybe missing.

The reason for this problem is you need to install Inventor Publisher 2013 R1 SP1 before running the hotfix.

Inventor Publisher 2013 R1 + Autodesk Inventor Publisher 2013 R1 Service Pack 1 = Installation Failure

Inventor Publisher 2013 R1 + Inventor Publisher 2013 R1 SP 1 + Autodesk Inventor Publisher 2013 R1 Service Pack 1 = Success

We have alerted the Autodesk Knowledge Network Team  to get Inventor Publisher 2013 R1 SP 1 in he downloads section ASAP.


We logged the issue in the morning and we were able to reinstate the download in a couple of hours. Thanks to publishing team and Bob Holland.

Tip: Getting Account information via the Subscription Center

Subscripton Center Login

How to find your Contract Manager in Subscription Center

How to request product media from Subscription Center

Bonus Tip:

Subscription + 3 versions back + Product Matrix + Network License Count + Pre-Suite Licensing

There are lots of concepts here for this blog post so I wanted to explain it in tiny bits....[Network licensing & Suites]....

Subscription + 3 versions back

When the licenses are on Subscripton that means that your license will support the current version and 3 versions back.  This can be confirmed using the license parser.

Example of a license file that is on Subscription and not on Subscription

Requesting a license that is paste 3 versions.  It will look like a license that is not on Subscription.

License parser limitations.  Don't combine a 2014 license with a 2013 license that is on Subcription.

Product Matrix

For example, if you have the Autodesk Product Design Suite Premium, I would start using the 2014 version if possible because it now includes Inventor Professional.

Because Inventor Professional 2013 was not included in the Autodesk Product Design Suite Premium 2013, you will not get the Professional features when running Inventor 2013.


The cascading sequences for the 2013 and 2014 product lines:

The features available between the Inventor family of products:

Network License Count

If you run the same version of the software in the Suite, it will use 1 license.  This means that you can run AutoCAD Mechanical 2014, Inventor Professional 2014 and Mudbox 2014 on the SAME computer and it will only use only 1 license in your pool of network of licenses.

Search for How do network licenses for Suites differ from individual product network licenses?

If you run AutoCAD Mechanical 2014 and AutoCAD Mechnical 2013 on the same computer, it will use 2 licenses.

Pre-Suite Licensing

This can can a bit tricky if you are running older versions of the software.  If we use the license parser to check the license file for the Autodesk Product Design Suite Premium 2014, you will notice some older licenses (Feature codes) are indeed listed.


For example, looking at the highlighted sections (red underline), this means that you can run Inventor 2011 and AutoCAD Electrical 2011. You will notice that the Feature codes are separate and this will cause it to use 2 licenses.  The reason for this behaviour is because the Product Design Suite did not exist in 2011. Please check out License Consumption noted here: