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Top 5: Forum Posts in March 2014

IMAG0387Recently, I was given some data on the Top 5 forum post activities in the Install & Licensing Discussions group and we were trying to figure out a way to solve them.  So drum roll please, I am hoping to post the Top 5 forum issues each month.   I will try to highlight knowledge base articles, workflows, tips, & tricks as necessary.


3DS Max 2014 for mac OSX

This falls into the realm of product development.  Some products run natively on the Mac and some require Parallels or VMWARE Fusion to run and noted in the Run Windows products on the Mac section page below.

If the product is listed in the in the Run Windows products on the Mac, this means we have tested it in our QA department.  For example, Autodesk Simulation CFD 2014 would not be certified to run on a Mac running with Parallels or VMWARE Fusion.

The next issue would be the video card on the mac. You can use the Certified Hardware page below to see if we have tested the video hardware against the Autodesk product you are trying to run.

Some Products Fail to Install, Result 1603

I am going to be honest, if you see this error, this basically means the install failed and it can be caused by anything!  This error code can happen with any product installation, i.e. Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop etc.  We do have a basic article on figuring out the problem and if it's Autodesk related, you can go here:

Communication Failure Error with installation

This one is about knowing what type of download you want to use: Install Now, Download Now or Browser Download. Please check out the following solutions & blog posts:

Unable to activate Maya 2014 error 110

This issue is resolved and the trick is to remove Maya on the Mac correctly.  It is noted here:

Registration-Activation Error (0015.111)

This is a Front Desk issue and they may need to provide new activation codes for your Autodesk product. They may send you a private message via the forum.


When we start the troubleshooting process whether it came from cases, forum posts etc, we may document a workaround internally [unvalidated], once we re-use the unvalidated solution again, we will validate it and get the publishing team to post the solution in our Knowledge Network.  You may have noticed some one-off solutions on our blog like:

I have posted the solution internally [unvalidated] and externally via the blog so that the community knows of the problem.


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Rose Dostal

How do I even start the activation process when my software is crashing as I start?

David Lau

This is a tough one to answer. We can start with this...

I would post your issue on the forums as a blog post comment field is not ideal for a lot of back and forth.

Thanks for your understanding.


I am trying to install AutoCAD 2015 but I keep getting this error message: "A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file: C:\Windows\Installer\ContentService.msi.

I am installing from my desktop, NOT from a network. Also, I noticed the ContentService.msi file that it is looking for is not in the C:\Windows\Installer folder.

How do I install this product?

David Lau

Can you log a case? Blog comments are not a good venue for 'back & forth' tech support issues.

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