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License Manager 11.12 and The Foundry License Tools

We are receiving few cases where customers have problems running our 2015 network versions and The Foundry software (e.g. Nuke).
If you have installed License Manager 11.12 for the 2015 products (e.g. Maya) on a server that is already hosting the license server for The Foundry products, you may also experience these issues.
The Foundry products currently use a different version of the License Manager (10.8). In some cases, launching both services prevents one of them to run correctly and therefore licenses for that services are not available.

The cause we identified in collaboration with The Foundry Support Team (thanks Jake) is likely because both services use by default the same TCP port that is 27000.
This can generate a conflict and results in one of the services to shut down or not start at all.

It is possible to avoid or prevent this to happen simply changing the default port used by one of the services. You can do this adding the port to the first line of the license file:


SERVER MyServer 000000000000 27001

Note: if on any clients you are using pointers to specify the license server, you may need to also change or add the port there.

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