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Russell Holzigner

While the deployment is installing additional software I get and error message for the Autodesk plugins. First it asks for the location to extract the files, not silent, then it says "Another Autodesk install/update is now occurring oh this computer. Please wait for that to complete and then click Retry." What am I doing wrong?

David Lau

Which extension are you using?


I get the same issue with Model Review - the self extractor asks me where would I like to extract to before installing.
If I pre-extract I get an error stating it cannot fine the setupui.dll file.

David Dembkoski

You can't just use the exe. The installer is looking for one file, you need to have the extracted install files. default c:\autodesk\. In the folder is a x64 file with a single MSI in it. If you run the msi solo, it installs.
I am trying to get the MSI to trigger with the deploy right now. seems to speed past it.

Jesper T

In addition to selecting the MSI you also have to set the INSTALLDIR under Command Line Parameters. Look here: http://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/revit-products/troubleshooting/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/Adding-Subscription-Software-to-Deployments.html
Works like a charm :)


How do I install offline help files in revit 2015?


When I press F1 when am offline it's showing me a link to download an offline help.
I follow the link and download an file "OfflineHelp.exe" it's an Sfx archive which when I open extracts "help.cab" and an text file with md5 check number in the same directory.

The link you have doesn't say anything about how to install it.

There is no option to select the help.cab file while installing content libraries or trying to add or remove features

Plz help me

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