Revit 2015 and deploying Add-ins
Heartbleed [Security] Updates

Revit 2015 + Windows 7 Home | Pro | Enterprise = Operating System Unsupported

Just a note that Revit 2015 is supported under Windows 7 Home | Pro | Enterprise as noted here:

What is not noted is that you need Windows 7 SP1 installed!!!

Windows 7 no SP Revit 2015

Thanks to Kelly Sullivan & Paul Morrison for sharing this tip with the community.


What made this issue interesting was that the site was installing Building Design Suite Premium and most of the products would install except for Revit.   The site had other computers that was able to install the entire Building Design Suite Premium and the only difference between them was the Service Pack.

Windows 7-SP1


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lakhdar daas

the problem is on the possessor generation

only i7 possessors supported

David Lau

Please review the system requirements page. Any "i" processor should work.

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