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AutoCAD 2015 + Dell M6800 = Slow video performance

This was an interesting scenario, we had identical Dell M6800 Workstations.  The system specs are below:

  • Dell M6800 with Nvidia Quadro K4100M/ Intel HD Graphics 4600 with Nvidia Graphics Driver 332.21.

When running AutoCAD 2015,  one of the systems would have some display issues.  It would leave image trails and the performance is very slow with hardware acceleration ON.

The solution was to use a beta driver from Nvidia:


Thanks to Gary Pyles and Barb Berndt for sharing this tip with the community.


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It is great that you found a solution (or maybe band aid) to this problem. I say this because it doesn't make sense if the 2 systems are truly identical as you say.

This would lead me to believe that either the graphics adapter or another component is beginning to fail.

Do you have any idea why the beta driver was needed for only one of the machines?

David Lau

It was the proverbial hail mary solution.

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