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Autodesk Network License Manager 11.12 and other products using Flexera licensing technology

I have noticed that when using Autodesk Network License Manager 11.12, you may need to customize OUR license files to use the non default licensing ports.

For example, when configuring Autodesk licensing service with Foundry, ArcGIS or CamWorks, Solidworks you will need to edit our license files to use a differnet port for lmgrd.exe. i.e. 27000 (default) to 27001

A sample is below:

SERVER TOR2UA13809X0 3CD92B5B4B2E 27001
VENDOR adskflex port=2080


For ArcGIS or Solidworks 2015, you also need to use the 32 bit version of the Autodesk Network License Manager.

Finally, if you are using Autodesk and Abaqus software in your company, you will need to even customize the adskflex.exe port (2080) in our license file because of the following conflict:

Abaqus CAE-port



We recently found out that Avaya software uses Flexera software for licensing and it's also 32 bit.  It's is best to use the Autodesk licensing software as 32 bit so that you can see the settings for both services and customize Autodesk products to use port 27001.



Thanks to Adam Giroux and Brad Hurley for sharing this tip with the community.


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