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Options File - Should I use PACKAGE or FEATURE (Component)?

I have created this video in a previous blog post on how to create an options file for your license server:

One of the questions we get is which part of the license code can we use to get an options file to work correctly. The answer is noted in the License Administration.pdf located In C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager folder.

If you go to Chapter 13 Managing the Options File >  Table 13.2, you will notice the following:


This means that with the FEATURE (COMPONENTS) of the license file is to be used to get this option work correctly.

In Table 13-3, you will notice the following:


This means that with the PACKAGE or FEATURE (COMPONENTS) of the license file is to be used to get this option work correctly.

Please note that there we have 2 types of licenses the the system will generate, Subscription and Non-Subscription.  The Subscription licenses have PACKAGE in them to support the current version and 3 versions back [2015-2012] and the non-Subscription will only support 1 version.  The easiest way to extract the license code is to use the license parser.





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