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What does the license error -97 error mean exactly?

In this episode of tenacious troubleshooting, we are focused on the -97 error.

1.  The easy part is finding what the FlexNet error codes mean.  It is noted here:


Describe -97 Error

2. When this error happens on the license server, just look at the server log file to determine what the problem is. You can also check out this blog post for more info as well.


Server -97 Error

3.  In this instance, on the client workstations, when we launched the product, the FlexNet Finder window would keep on looping and the error was 0.0.0.

a.  We confirmed that the license server at the site was running the current version of NLM (11.12).


This is also noted in the log file on the license server.


b. We then increased the error messages for licensing by adding this environment variable on the workstation.


c. We finally get the dreaded -97 error message.

Client -97 Error

In the dialog box, we confirmed that client was looking at the correct server and the Windows Firewall was correctly configured as noted in steps 4-6 in the Quick Start Setting up a License Server blog post.

The client machine indicated that the server was not running.  A known issue is having with other 'vendors' on the server along with Autodesk products.   The symptom is that the server log file will appear like it is running but it is not actually running.  The solution is basically to stop the Autodesk license server and edit the license file and add a port to the license file as noted below:

SERVER TOR2UA13809X0 3CD92B5B4B2E 27001
VENDOR adskflex port=2080


Once the file has been edited, just restart the license server and the software should launch correctly.

For more info on the this issue, please check out the following posts/articles:



Thanks to Sean Couture for confirming this workflow was indeed the problem.


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