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The mysterious ghost of AutoCAD 2015...

In this spooktacular post on Halloween, I recently solved the AutoCAD ghost of 2015....

1. We launched AutoCAD and nothing happened.

2. We then checked the Task Manager and nothing happened.

3. We changed the licensing type from Standalone to Network and still nothing happened.

Finally, we used Procmon to see what was happening and we saw this:


In this case, the system had Adobe Acrobat 9.0 installed which is really old software.  In fact, AutoCAD 2015 may have the following error when starting up if you have Adobe Acrobat 9.5 installed.


Acrobat 9.5

To solve the problem, we uninstalled a component of Adobe Acrobat 9.0 to get AutoCAD to work correctly. Please check out the article below for details:

Some other spooktacular posts are noted below:

Thanks to Rod Waller for confirming that this was indeed the issue.

AutoCAD Plant Design Suite 2015 Deployment Hotfix

If you had problems creating a deployment for Plant Design Suite, please check out the following article:

The hotfix should also solve the issue below:

Launching Microsoft Word 2010 will start the secondary installer of AutoCAD

First of all, most users have Microsoft Word 2010 and AutoCAD 2015 installed on their computer and we have not had any reports of the following issue when launching a non Autodesk product and getting this progress window to come up...


Please check out the following knowledge article to find out what caused the issue;

In this instance, I tried to use Procmon  to figure out the cause of the problem and I just couldn't figure it out. I have to give credit to David Taylor for sharing this tip with the community.


Autodesk Desktop Subscription & McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Settings


I wanted to thank Alejandro Bustamante for sending us info on how to configure McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software to work with the Autodesk Desktop Subscription (Rental) program.

There is a note in this article that mentions that you need to disable your anti-virus software.


Why {y} is Y up in 3D software?


I used to support Maya back in the day and the orientation of the software is Y up.  For some of our other software packages, the orientation is Z up. During my morning coffee run, the conversation came up with with one of our Maya Developers [Julia P.] and she told me why and it totally makes sense....

If you are an Artist, the image will be on an easel, therefore, Y is up.


If you are an Engineer/Architect, you are working on a drafting table so Z is up.


Here are some screen captures of our software packages and their X,Y,Z orientation.



Inventor 2015

Alias axis

Please install Microsoft Windows Update (KB2987107)

Please install Microsoft Windows Update (KB2987107) ASAP.  The update also solves an activation issue as well.  For more info on it, please go here: