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I hate Trovi malware!

Trovi-logoIf your web browser does not default to the home page that you set, you probably have malware.  The one that affects Autodesk the most is Trovi.

If you are running an Autodesk product on  Desktop Subscription [confirmed via C.Rothe], you will get the following error:


The revised solution for this issue has been updated here:

If you run AutoCAD 2015, you will get this error:

142 error

To effectively remove the malware, I would review the following blog post:


Some newly published Mac Solutions + Mac Webinar


We recently did a Webinar on Boosting your Apple Mac IQ: Everything you need to know about installing & uninstalling Autodesk Software on the Mac.  A replay of presentation is on our Youtube Channel.

We also published some solutions in the last week to add to your arsenal of Mac knowledge...

AutoCAD LT 2015 or AutoCAD 2015 | Autodesk 360 crashes during launch (via Technical Troubleshooter Jeremy Hanson)

Alert: The Serial Number or Product Key don't Match Valid format for serial number

RegisterPkg Error when installing Maya 2015 on Mac OS X



Sony VGN-Z750D Laptop + Autodesk Setup = Crash


If you are using a Sony laptop with Autodesk software, you should review this article:

The problem is that if you run Setup.exe, it will crash.  Please note that this laptop is not on our Certified Hardware list.  Also, if you are going to use AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT, please check out this new tool:

Here are some other known conditions in which Setup.exe will crash:

Display Link Software

ASUS Software

Thanks to Andrew Jergens for sharing this tip with the community.

Where is AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 SP2?

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 SP2 is only available via the Application Manager.  Please review this blog post for details:



Our guru, Jeremy Hanson was able to extropolate the SP2 download location from the Readme file. 

TIP: Network Booting (PXE) + Lenovo Thinkstations


The very first task we needed to do at Autodesk University [AU] 2014 was install Windows 7 via Net Boot (PXE) from a default Windows 7 image on the server to hundreds of computers.  

Normally, when you hit F12 to get to the boot option, the system will wait for user intervention before going to the next step.  i.e. F12, System will wait, Choose Network (PXE) option.  For the Lenovo Workstations, the BIOS will boot into Windows if you wait too long in the Net Boot option. i.e. F12, System waits for 30 seconds and if there is no user intervention, it will boot straight into the local install of Windows.

Why would this be an issue?  You can't batch turn on a bunch of computers to quickly image them.

Scenario 1 with HP & Dell Workstations

Turn on Computer 1, F12
Turn on Computer 2, F12
Turn on Computer 3, F12
Turn on Computer 4, F12
Turn on Computer 5, F12

This can take a couple of minutes but you then loop back to Computer 1, you can choose the Network option and the Computer will connect to the imaging server to get a default Windows 7 image loaded.

Scenario 2 with Lenovo Workstations

Turn on Computer 1, F12, the system boot into default Windows if you don't choose Network within 30 seconds.  

This workflow requires you to be at the workstation during the entire boot process.


For the Lenovo Workstations, just unplug the keyboard before turning on the computer and it will automatically boot into Network mode, then plug-in the keyboard afterwards.

Below is another post about various computer configuration issues dealing with keyboards, mice and monitors:

Source Media and Service Pack Updates


It is much easier to keep the media or deployment paths in the same location on the server.  In fact, it's a law refenced here:

In some instances, you will need to change the path of the source media in a deployment, please review this article:

Happy hacking and thanks to Jeffry Asbury & Jeremy Hanson for sharing this tip with the community!


AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 + Blank Ribbon + AU = Updated Article

At Autodesk University [AU], when we deployed Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate 2015, we had this problem with AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 when launching it.


As soon as I saw this error, I knew the cause of the problem. We were using an SCCM Administrator account to install the software.  After installing the software, we were running the software in an account called Expert.  Please check out the solution below to solve the problem:

I just updated the solution above with another workflow that will save you 8 steps. When you are prepping hundreds of computers, that is a lot of time saved!

In summary, we just needed to copy the C3D Support folders to the user account's Local & Roaming location before we ran AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015.  The SCCM guru at AU created a batch script that we pushed out to the lab so this process below was completed by a double click.