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Collaboration for Revit 2015 + Revit 2015 = DBApplication Error

If you get the following error with the Autodesk A360 Collaboration for Revit 2015 and Revit 2015:

Plugin install error

DBApplication "bb3086be-63bb-44bd-99eb-d584c013cf2f" Startup failed because an error occured from OnStartup."

The solution is noted here:

Thanks to the Revit Clinic Guru Chris Aquino for sharing this solution with the community.

The easiest way to append the results of a log file in lmtools.exe!

First of all, I wanted to thank Hashim Mundol for showing me this awesome tip.  As everyone knows, when you stop and start the license server with lmtools, the log file will be overwritten so you will not know what happened before you stopped the service.

To append the log file results easily, just add a + sign to the Path to the debug log file.


You can also do this the hard way by creating an options file as well.  It is on page 158 of the License Administratrion Guide (11.12.0).



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Are you upgrading InfraWorks 2015.2 or InfraWorks 360 2015.2 to 2015.3?

If you upgrade to InfraWorks or InfraWorks 360 to 2015.3, you might see a crash when importing a DAE file or adding a DAE to the style palette. No need to panic! The solution is easy and fast.

1.Open the Control Panel > Programs and Features.

2. Select the InfraWorks product from the list of installed products and select the option to Modify it.

3. When the InfraWorks dialogs come up, select the Repair/Reinstall option, click Next, and in the following dialog, select Repair.

Allow the process to complete and click Finish and you’ll be back in business right away.

This issue has also been articled on Autodesk Knowledge Network, here is the link.

Thanks to Alison Gangler for sharing this tip.