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Autodesk Network License Manager has been updated to

We have just updated our Network License Tools (NLM) to  It can be downloaded here:

If you decide to upgrade, please follow this workflow:


Just a note that the 11.12 version of NLM was actually running in dual mode IPv4/IPv6 as noted in the log file so we rarely needed to swap out and use the IPv6 version of the Network Licensing Tools.

Log file from 11.12 NLM


Log file from NLM

If necessary, be prepared for this workflow for swapping out IPv4 and IPv6 Network License tools:


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Nick Beaven

Are you advising that we make the change from 11.12 to as we haven't seen any issues with our current environment? Is this the same version that will ship with the 2016 products as I'm keen to avoid doubling up on the server updates.

Many thanks,


David Lau

I would continue using 11.12 NLM and wait for the next release (2016) and see if the NLM updates again. I hope that helps!

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