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February 2015

Autodesk Network License Manager has been updated to

We have just updated our Network License Tools (NLM) to  It can be downloaded here:

If you decide to upgrade, please follow this workflow:


Just a note that the 11.12 version of NLM was actually running in dual mode IPv4/IPv6 as noted in the log file so we rarely needed to swap out and use the IPv6 version of the Network Licensing Tools.

Log file from 11.12 NLM


Log file from NLM

If necessary, be prepared for this workflow for swapping out IPv4 and IPv6 Network License tools:

Storm & Sanitary Analysis 2015 with Roaming Profiles

Civil 3D

Just an FYI, the realm of Roaming Profiles is not supported by Autodesk due to the differences of setup for each network at each of site.

For sites that have mastered this setup for Autodesk Civil 3D 2015, please note the following solutions:

One of the programs that is part of Autodesk Civil 3D is a completely separate application but it is a part of the install as a subcomponent is Storm & Sanitary Analysis.  Please check out this article:

Thanks to Dave Meyer for sharing this tip with the community.

Maya 2015 + Standalone + Linux = Can't Automatically Activate

I recently solved a really old case last week in which Maya 2015 SP5 on Linux would not auto-activate, even though you have an internet connection.  This week, the issue came up again but in EMEA.


The solution is quite easy, you just need to run this hotfix:

If we didn't do this, we would need to manually activate Maya on Linux using the method below:

1. Run Maya and close the wizard because it can't auto-activate.
2. Go to  /tmp folder and look for the MAYA_2015_0_F_USLongCode.xml and email it to Product Support. i.e. Create a case.
3. We generate an activation code based on the xml file.
4. Launch Maya and there is a Browse button to load the activation xml file.

Configure Revit 2014 + Globe Link Addon + Google Earth


If you use Revit 2014 with the Globe Link for Autodesk Revit 2014 [Release Date: 2013-05-03],  please note the following article if you get an error that you need the Google Earth.msi file.

Thanks to Amy Nowacki for confirming that this solution worked.

TIP: Optimizing performance for Mobile Workstations [laptops] + Desktops + Drivers


Autodesk products work best with the Professional GPUs (Graphics Processor Unit). There are some instances in which you can get adequate performance on Consumer GPUs but be prepared from some drawbacks. i.e. intermittent crashing, display issues, etc.

Nvidia Geforce (Consumer CPU)  vs   Nvidia Quadro (Professional GPU)
AMD Radeon (Consumer GPU)    vs   AMD FirePro (Professional GPU)

We often will use the following sites to show you what we have officially tested our software on:

Some notable articles for each graphics vendor is noted below:


800px-AMD_Logo.svg  via Zarchary Travis (AutoCAD guru)


When re-installing a video driver, I prefer this old school method:


Maya crashing and Preferences


I used to support Maya way back and when Maya crashes, the #1 tip is to solve the problem was to use Maya with default preferences.  The location of the Maya preferences is noted in this article.

ENHANCED TIP:  Please rename the preferences instead of deleting them!

"I would like to ask everyone to stop fully deleting preferences folders when trying to isolate an issue. If deleting preferences fixes the problem, we just lost the evidence of what caused the problem in the first place.

If there is no issue being investigated, feel free to delete them. But when investigating an issue, a better habit is to rename the preferences folder with a descriptive name. Maya will launch with default preferences after that. The renamed folder can be sent to QA/DEV by logging a case into Product Support.   We can use preserved preference files many times to discover what was original software defect/problem." via Maya QA Ryan Harvey.


The easy way to restart the licensing service [NLM] on Mac OS X

Mac OS XDuring our recent Webinar on Setting up a license server on Mac and Linux, we were able to set up an automatic restart of the license server the easy way on Mac OS X. Please check out the article below:

Please check out our Webinar at:

Thanks to the guru Avto Chachava for sharing this tip with the community.

Autodesk Screencast is now available for Mac!


Awesome, I just found out that Screencast is now available for the Mac:

Just a note that you may need to change your settings in Gatekeeper before you can install it.

For more info on what it does, please check it out here: