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ALERT: Desktop Rental Security Hotfix [POODLE]

For users of Autodesk products [2014/2015] using Desktop Subscription, please download and install this hotfix ASAP:

For more information on the importance of the update, please go here:


Tip: Distributed Servers + Options Files + Cascading


We recently published some info on distributed licensing this week and we are using the Autodesk Knowledge Network (AKN) to keep them up-to-date.

For this scenario, customers were wondering why a product is going to use a particular license server in a licensing pool.  It appears to be random but it is actually just following the cascading 'rule' [order]. 

How does cascading work with a Distributed License environment?
[via Tech Guru David Dembkoski]

This one is an advanced tip for setting up an options rule, it is rarely used and there is a reference to it here (Pre-AKN).

Can I reserve a certain amount of AutoCAD licenses to a specific group of users?

Here are some helpful reference articles:

Choosing a Network License Server Model for your Autodesk Product

Installing distributed server model

Deploying language pack for AutoCAD fails with error 1603

We have seen cases were the deployment of a language pack has failed..  When analyzing the installer logs, the noted error message was 1603.

We have a solution posted to resolve this error here.

However in this case the solution did not work for us.  After some troubleshooting, we found that the deployment image had the service pack integrated into the deployment.

As a workaround, we removed the service pack from the image and the product installed. Once done, we installed the latest update to complete the installation process.

Autodesk Alias installation is grayed out

When attempting to install Alias Design 2015 on a system where Alias Surface 2015 is already installed, the installation option may be greyed out.  This can occur if the Alias Surface was installed and the latest service packs where applied.  To resolve this issue, you will need to remove the latest Alias Surface Service Packs.

Please see also the following link for other helpful suggestions:

Installation Error: A newer version of this software is already installed

Thanks to Philipp Wronski for sharing this tip with the community.

Command lines for Silent Uninstall of Maya 2013 (64 bit) and related components

Please use the following command lines to remove Autodesk Maya 2013 (64 bit version) from your computer.

Maya 2013 (64 bit)

Msiexec /x{FC7084CE-5090-4770-8B5B-CA3125526F0D} /q


DirectConnect2013 (64-bit)

Msiexec /x{324297F8-2898-454B-9AC4-07050AEB35B3} /q


Autodesk MatchMover 2013 64-bit

MsiExec.exe /x{5B77A046-DAD6-4F19-A8B9-4E5B3EAD2C24} /q


Composite 2013 64-bit

MsiExec.exe /x{2F808931-D235-4FC7-90CD-F8A890C97B2F} /q


FBXPlugins 64-bit

"C:\Program Files\Autodesk\FBX\FBXPlugins\2013.1\Maya 2013 64-bit\Uninstall.exe" /S



Troubleshooting AutoCAD 2015 LT installation & the Install Failure: Error 997

Solving problems sometimes involves peeling the layers one at time like an onion.  This is reference to the onion in this relative obscure movie: Dark City  [Spoiler Alert].  

1. We analysed the installation log file and there was a  problem with VCRedist so we hacked it out from setup.ini file.  The workflow is noted here:

2. We then tried installation of again and this time, there was a 997 error:

997 I applied this solution:

I then needed to update article to include 3 GUID values for AutoCAD LT for the security exception and get a better image of the registry.  

We needed to use Orca on the following msi files: AcadltLP.msi. acadlt.msi, AcadltPS.msi.

I also tweaked and improved this solution to use a MSDN site to get Orca.

3.  AutoCAD LT 2015 finally installed!  But when we launched it,  there is a side by side installation error and this means we actually needed VCRedist installed, even though it was listed as installed in the Control Panel.

4.  I manually tried to run all the .exe files in the following 2 folders:


...and I got the 997 error again!

5. We needed to add the VCRedist GUID values to the security exceptions list. To get the GUID values for the VCRedist, we needed to use verbose logging to get the GUIDS for those products.

a. We needed to enable verbose logging.  I tweaked and improved this solution by adding a note to use a Microsoft Fix It tool.

b. I deleted all the files in %temp% folder.

c. I ran the first .exe file noted here:


d. I copied all the log files from %temp% back into the same folder for analysis later . i.e.


e. I then repeat for each folder. i.e.


NOTE:  The name of the .exe file for the folders are above are called:  vcredist_x64.exe & vcredist_x86.exe.

f. I then just opened each of the log files generated and searched for "ProductCode".  The result is the article below:

g. Just add all the GUID's into the .reg file.  Example is below for AutoCAD LT 2015 (3 GUIDs) + VCRedist (6 GUIDs).  If you have this problem, just download the file below and rename .txt to .reg and then double click it to import it into your registry.

AutoCAD LT 2015Error 997 Registry Fix: SecRepWhtlst+VREDIST

As you can see, we applied many articles to solve one problem.  I would like to thank the technical guru Jeremy Hanson for helping me on this case and Gary A Johnston for confirming that this worked.