Autodesk Network License Manager has been updated to
Maya 2015 LT + Windows 8.1 = Slow Performance in Viewport

Over 3 million customers [page views] served...

Luckily for me, the time zone that I am working in happens to be the time when something cool happens like 3 million page views!

Here is the steak:

3 million

...the sizzle:


...and the recipe [the team] that makes it happen.



We like to thank everyone in the community that visits our site,  everyone on the Product Support Team that helped with a post, Autodesk Management that sponsored our vision, the Development & the Quality Assurance Teams that gave us deep insights on the Install & Licensing Framework.

Please boldly install, configure & deploy Autodesk software to boldly go where no man [or woman] has gone before.

Best regards,

The Up and Ready Blog Team



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