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Installing Office 365 removes VBA 7 modules and prevents Inventor 2014 from working properly

I was doing some audits of cases and articles for the team and I found this one interesting....

Just another tidbit of information....

Maya LT Trial will not start. "We will be back soon" error message

Here is another antivirus issue that affects Maya LT 2015 SP3 or Maya LT 2016.  The error is:

We will be back soon

Please check out this article to solve the problem:

Thanks to Jeffry Asbury for figuring out this interesting issue!



Inventor 2016 is not activating from Plant Design Suite Ultimate 2016

After installing the Plant Design Suite Ultimate 2016, when you try to run Inventor, it will not activate correctly.  The activation error is:  License Status [2.10.0].  

The problem is that when you install the software as Plant Design Suite, Inventor will activate as Inventor Professional 2016.


Please check out this article for resolving this issue:

Thanks to the Inventor Development Team and Byron Morales for sharing this tip with the community.

License Manager Update to

All customers are strongly recommended to always migrate to the latest version of Network License Manager, when made available.

Licensing: Disable Autodesk License cascading

In 2016 and later releases only, you can disable cascading by setting the value of the environment variable ADSK_CASCADING_OVERRIDE to 0 (disabled). (A setting of 1 enables cascading.) This setting applies across all products. Cascading is automatically disabled for Autodesk Enterprise Token Flex (using product code 535H1) regardless of the setting.

Important: Cascading is essential for suite licensing. Do not disable cascading for suites.