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Inventor 2016 is not activating from Plant Design Suite Ultimate 2016

After installing the Plant Design Suite Ultimate 2016, when you try to run Inventor, it will not activate correctly.  The activation error is:  License Status [2.10.0].  

The problem is that when you install the software as Plant Design Suite, Inventor will activate as Inventor Professional 2016.


Please check out this article for resolving this issue:

Thanks to the Inventor Development Team and Byron Morales for sharing this tip with the community.


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will the plant design suite ultimate 2016 be rereleased to fix this bug or is this the permanment fix?

David Lau

The USB media and download will be updated shortly. The first release will have this issue

Gerard Payet

The "fix" for resolving the issue above does not work! I've realerted Autodesk and am patiently awaiting their reply and solution.

David Lau

I tested this myself. It took a long time to download and extract it. Adding EXE_PARAM=PRODUCTEDITION="INVNTOR" SUITEEDITION="PDSADV" to the setup.ini file works.

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