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As support specialists, we're constantly looking for magic bullets - tricks or tools that we can rely on to fix issues when we've exhausted all of our normal troubleshooting options. One of the magic bullets we use is the Microsoft install/uninstall Fixit tool. It's handy for fixing all kinds of problems. But sometimes the bullet isn't magical enough to slay the beast.

We recently encountered one such case involving the Civil Engineering Data Translator Client. (Try saying that five times fast!) In this case, the customer was running out of space on their C: drive and decided to clone it to a larger drive. Something in the cloning process broke the Autodesk software so they attempted to do an uninstall/reinstall. Everything went relatively smoothly until they tried installing the Civil Engineering Data Translator Client. It claimed that it was already configured:


We tried using the Microsoft Fixit tool to remove it, but the tool didn't recognize that it was installed. We ended up having to do a brute force deletion of Windows Registry keys before it finally admitted that it wasn't installed. You can find all of the gory details here:


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