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MotionBuilder 2016 SP1 Error 1642

There's an issue with installing SP1 for MotionBuilder 2016 if you already have MotionBuilder 2015 SP1 installed on your computer. It'll give this error:


If you try installing the service pack through Autodesk Application Manager it will give Error 1642.

We're working on a new version of SP1 for MotionBuilder 2016 that will resolve the issue. In the meantime, you can find a workaround for installing it here:


UPDATE: A new version of MotionBuilder 2016 SP1 has been released that resolves the issue. You can download it here:

Civil Engineering Data Translator Client already configured

As support specialists, we're constantly looking for magic bullets - tricks or tools that we can rely on to fix issues when we've exhausted all of our normal troubleshooting options. One of the magic bullets we use is the Microsoft install/uninstall Fixit tool. It's handy for fixing all kinds of problems. But sometimes the bullet isn't magical enough to slay the beast.

We recently encountered one such case involving the Civil Engineering Data Translator Client. (Try saying that five times fast!) In this case, the customer was running out of space on their C: drive and decided to clone it to a larger drive. Something in the cloning process broke the Autodesk software so they attempted to do an uninstall/reinstall. Everything went relatively smoothly until they tried installing the Civil Engineering Data Translator Client. It claimed that it was already configured:


We tried using the Microsoft Fixit tool to remove it, but the tool didn't recognize that it was installed. We ended up having to do a brute force deletion of Windows Registry keys before it finally admitted that it wasn't installed. You can find all of the gory details here:

Deployment of AutoCAD + The copy functions cannot be used.

We have not had this error in a long while because most of the installation media is downloaded to the local computer.   In this rare instance, a DVD is required because the sites are super secure. i.e. USB ports are secured.

Copy Functions

Please check out this article for details on the solution:

Where is my browser download in Autodesk Accounts?

We have done some updates on the Accounts site that may hide the Browser Download of our software. We added some logic to allow other Geos to auto-detect preferred language of download automatically and hence the behavior change. For some products you'll need to specify the Platform in order to see the More options link where you can do a Browser Download.

Please check out this screencast:



Here is a link to the screencast if the embedded video doesn't work for you:

Command Line installation on Mac for 2016 products


Please note the following articles and installation docs for setting up a command line installation for Maya and Mudbox for Mac. Please keep an eye out for the syntax!


Maya 2015/Mudbox 2015

Maya 2016

Mudbox 2016

The syntax is noted below:

Maya 2015 syntax is:        --license_type=<kNetwork or kStandalone>
Mudbox 2015 syntax is:    --license_type=<kNetwork or kStandalone>

Maya 2015 syntax is:        --license_type=<kNetwork or kStandalone>
Mudbox 2016 syntax is:    --license_type=<Network or Standalone>

Extracting RPM using 7-Zip


In some rare instances in which you can't use the RPM command to install the Linux Network License Manager [NLM], you can actually download the file on a Windows computer and use 7-zip to open and extract it.


Autodesk Screencast:

We don't get many Linux inquiries into Product Support but I got 2 issues [above] today.


Network License Manager Error -16 + 97 Error + EZProxy

We don't get odd error messages but this one was odd....

FlexNet Licensing error:-16,287

If you look it up here, the error message is not very helpful. 

In this case the solution is noted here:


Browser Download + Pop Up Settings + Autodesk Accounts

You will need to enable Pop Ups if you plan to use a Browser Download of the Software from Autodesk Accounts.

I have included a screencast here on how to do it in Google Chrome:

You will basically need to add a Pop Up exception to this URL: