Command Line installation on Mac for 2016 products
Deployment of AutoCAD + The copy functions cannot be used.

Where is my browser download in Autodesk Accounts?

We have done some updates on the Accounts site that may hide the Browser Download of our software. We added some logic to allow other Geos to auto-detect preferred language of download automatically and hence the behavior change. For some products you'll need to specify the Platform in order to see the More options link where you can do a Browser Download.

Please check out this screencast:



Here is a link to the screencast if the embedded video doesn't work for you:


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Klaas De Smedt

Thx for the tip & I'm a huge fan of the autodesk screencast :)


PS: I had to remove autoplay & t=0,8s to make the screencast play in Firefox.

Jeremy Hanson

Thanks for the feedback Klaas. I've added a link to the screencast in case anyone else has trouble viewing the embedded video.

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