Windows 8.1 N + Installing Autodesk Software = Content Service Installation Error
Adding a Service Pack to Navisworks Manage 2016 network deployment.

How to I deploy Autodesk 2016 products with updates?

Has anyone noticed that when you expand the accordion for an Autodesk 2016 product, there is no option to include an Update or Service Pack?

Exhibit A: AutoCAD 2015 Deployment Options


Please check out the new update workflow here:


Deploying Autodesk 2015 Demo Video:


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It should be mentioned that there are, however, some problems adding updates to a deployment image (DI) using new version of App Manager.

First of all, the App Manager doesn't allow the /q (quiet) switch, limitation which cancels the whole logic of an unattended deployment, since each addition pops-up an annoying dialog upon completion, that requires somebody to select “OK”!

Secondly, in the previous version of the App Manager, the downloaded updates were stored in the (DI), but with the new version of App Manager, the download updates are stored in the user's documents folder!

Therefore, the updates will install properly when deployed to the computer from which the DI has been created, but they will fail to install if the DI is installed on a different workstation (or if the DI is placed on a server for that matter) and this without any error message, so the user is left to believe that the update has been applied successfully.

Eric Stimmel

I've also confirmed that this does not work with Revit 2016. The deployment specific Application Manager will appear, but indicate (incorrectly) that no updates are available.

Dave Plumb

I'm trying to add AutoCAD HotFIx 2 to my deployment and I am unable to suppress the "Installation successful" prompt.
I've tried it by adding (separately) /q and /quiet., but I still get the prompt.
I've even tried these parameters at the command line & neither works.
AutoCAD_2016_Hotfix_2_x64.exe /q
AutoCAD_2016_Hotfix_2_x64.exe /quiet

David Lau

Try this first in a command prompt...

If it works in a command prompt (assuming that it wasn't installed yet or you have uninstalled it, then it should work if you use the add .exe option during the deployment creation.

I have noticed that you may need to re-create the deployment if you 'change' a flag.

Dave Plumb

When I tried that & added the .msp to "Additional Software" in the Deployment, I got an error 1620 in the log, which translates to "Not a valid install package"
Got the same result for both AutoCAD Hotfix2 AutoCAD_2016_Hotfix_2_x64
and Revit Service Pack 2 Autodesk_Revit_2016-x64_SP2.msp
both extracted from their respective .exes
Although, now that I look at it closer, I've extracted an .msp and I'm trying to run it in the Deployment with msiexec. Is there either a way to extract a .msi, or an .msp equivalent to msiexec?

Either way, the Deployment seems to ignore any parameters unless you pass them to msiexec

Thanks for the advice

Dave Plumb

I've gotten the AutoCAD Hotfix to behave, but the Revit SP still pops up a message - even from DOS.

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