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How to I deploy Autodesk 2016 products with updates?

Has anyone noticed that when you expand the accordion for an Autodesk 2016 product, there is no option to include an Update or Service Pack?

Exhibit A: AutoCAD 2015 Deployment Options


Please check out the new update workflow here:


Deploying Autodesk 2015 Demo Video:

Windows 8.1 N + Installing Autodesk Software = Content Service Installation Error

I recently got this case and I just found it interesting.   Here is the article of the issue....

Our software needs media support so the OS must include it.  Here is a reference note from Microsoft on the N edition of Windows:


Revit 2016 Activation Error [1.1.0] from Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate 2016

One of our troubleshooting gurus, Avto Chachava solved this activation error [1.1.0] with Revit 2016:

110 error Revit with IDSU

Please review this article to solve your issue:


Up and Ready is now mobile-friendly...

One of the interesting trends that happened in the last 3 months was that our pageviews dropped by 1000 per weekday.  I suspect that the reason for this is because Google changed their search algorithms to rank mobile-friendly sites higher.

I also want to thank Scott Sheppard for helping us get us an updated contruction crane image for our blog.



The Up and Ready Blog Team 

Microsoft Fix It will not work on Windows 10 yet...

Hot off the presses, Microsoft Fix It will not work on Windows 10 yet.  It will look like this:


The original Microsoft Fix It  results in the not supported error message and the newer one will redirect you to Search Microsoft

Thanks to David Haukeness for sharing this tip with the community.


Windows 10 Support = Please upgrade cautiously!


With Windows 10 just around the corner, I would upgrade cautiously.  I just googled a couple of links and I found this one helpful...

If you have any Windows 10 feedback, feel free to add a comment to the post.

Windows 10 Support for Autodesk products


Maya Install Error: Access is denied.

We recently got this error when installing Maya 2016 and the error was not very useful because it was not a permissions issue.  The installation was only problematic on one of the workstations and the deployment had worked on other computers at this site.  We even tried a direct install from setup.exe from the C:\Autodesk folder.


In this case, we used Process Monitor to check out the problem and we used the same exact workflow as this issue:

It stated that there was a problem with the installation of Bifrost, one of the components of Maya 2016.


When I remoted into the computer, I saw an AVG icon on the desktop of the computer. AVG has been known to cause installation issues.  Sometimes, you can disable it to solve the problem but sometimes, you need to uninstall it.

Disable AVG

Uninstall AVG

The answer [Uninstall AVG] to this issue is noted in this article:

Thanks to Scott Broad for confirming that this was the issue.

Bonus Error Message:

This version of the Application Manager has been retired

The Delivery Team alerted us of this potential problem with the Application Manager and this error message:


This version of the Application Manager has been retired

Please check out this article to update the Application Manager:

How do a update license file on server without access to server?

We all know that when we configure a network license manager, we use the Configuration using Services option. We basically need Administrator access on the server to update it. I have not investigated the Configuration using License File until this past week. 

Configuration using License File (2)

What can it do?  It can update license file on server without access to server!  Just review the steps here:

Here is a video demo of the process:

You will need access to the share folder (license file location), update the license file and you can remotely re-read the new updated license file on the server without actually accessing it. A benefit is that you can update an options file parameters when you 're-read'  it.

Thanks to Greg Toews for sharing this tip with the community.