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Autodesk Maya LT + No Login Screen

Autodesk Maya LT is using a different technology for licensing that our current Desktop Subscription offerings.

Maya LT Login

If you happen to start  Autodesk Maya LT and you don't get a login screen, you can reset it by checking out this article:

Other useful Maya LT posts are here:

Autodesk Knowledge Article Reference:

How to create an AutoCAD for MAC deployment image

Anyone that tries to deploy AutoCAD for MAC in a MAC environment may notice that there is no deployment option in the installer for AutoCAD for MAC.

In order to create an AutoCAD for MAC deployment image on a MAC system, you would need to capture the installation sequence of AutoCAD for MAC, using the Composer provided by Apple.

See the workflow below.

  • Capture an install of Autocad 2015 as normal, removing non-relevant files from the Composer capture.
  • Now, in the captured directory structure within: /Library/Preferences/ create the following directories:

FLEXnet Publisher

Note: These two directories should be owned by root and have 777 permissions.


  • The installer is then built as a .dmg (not .pkg) and deployed.

A BIG thank you to Amos Deane from University of the Arts in London for sharing this tip with the community.

How to deploy Fusion 360 on multiple machines


We in the support seen cases were end customers asked us about deploying Fusion 360 on multiple systems.

First of all it is important to understand that Fusion 360 installer is streamed to your system and does not provide an deployment option.

However, some Suite Products that include the Fusion 360 installer do and can be used as a workaround. - For instance Product Design Suite Ultimate

See a quick demo of the workflow here.


Note: After the roll out, additional steps are required to install Fusion 360 on the system, as this method destributes only the webinstaller to the clients.