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Including Newest Autodesk Application Manager During Install


With the release of version 5 of Autodesk Application Manager a few weeks ago, we've started getting questions about including the new version when you either install or create a deployment for an Autodesk product. The version that gets installed by default is version 4, and you then need to download version 5 from within Autodesk Application Manager. That's not a huge deal if you're only installing the software on one computer, but it can be a gigantic headache if you're deploying to hundreds of computers.

This article shows how to include version 5 during the install / deployment creation process:


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The link for the version 5 download is for version
As there is already a new version 5 (, will the document be updated ?

And for next versions of Autodesk Application Manager ?

David Lau

On August 14th, we pushed an update to V5. There were some reports of issues from end users that required the update. The process is to get V5 and run update right afterwards. If you have more than 1 computer, you can grab the update 'manually' by going into the CU## folder. You can see this post for the location of the files.

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