AppLocker + Deployments + The installation is forbidden by system policy. Contact your system administrator.


You learn something new every day!  I never even have heard of AppLocker and it's affect [i.e. security] on deployments. Please check out the article below for details:

Thanks to Matt Fieder for sharing this tip with the community.

AutoCAD [Electrical] Online Help not working

In this episode of tenacious troubleshooting, I was assisting a customer that was having issues accessing the Online help for AutoCAD Electrical 2015.

When the user tried to install the AutoCAD Electrical Offline Help, it didn't work because of VCRedist problem so we hacked it out from the setup.ini using this workflow:

Once it was installed, the help was blank, so we needed to configure the AMD Catalyst Control Center for maximum performance because it was a consumer video card:

Once we got that going, we need to go back to try to figure out the problem with the Online help and it was a relatively easy fix noted below:

We needed to extrapolate this Internet Options settings from this article:

Thanks to Ted Moreau for confirming that this solution worked.

Configure Revit 2014 + Globe Link Addon + Google Earth


If you use Revit 2014 with the Globe Link for Autodesk Revit 2014 [Release Date: 2013-05-03],  please note the following article if you get an error that you need the Google Earth.msi file.

Thanks to Amy Nowacki for confirming that this solution worked.

The easy way to restart the licensing service [NLM] on Mac OS X

Mac OS XDuring our recent Webinar on Setting up a license server on Mac and Linux, we were able to set up an automatic restart of the license server the easy way on Mac OS X. Please check out the article below:

Please check out our Webinar at:

Thanks to the guru Avto Chachava for sharing this tip with the community.

Autodesk InfraWorks 360 2015.3 and Autodesk® InfraWorks® 2015.3 close unexpectedly on startup

Please check out this solution for the workaround:

Thanks goes to Alison Gangler for alerting us of this possible issue with Infraworks!

The easiest way to append the results of a log file in lmtools.exe!

First of all, I wanted to thank Hashim Mundol for showing me this awesome tip.  As everyone knows, when you stop and start the license server with lmtools, the log file will be overwritten so you will not know what happened before you stopped the service.

To append the log file results easily, just add a + sign to the Path to the debug log file.


You can also do this the hard way by creating an options file as well.  It is on page 158 of the License Administratrion Guide (11.12.0).



Here are some other EASY posts:

Tips and Tricks for the Autodesk Network License manager

TIP: Network Booting (PXE) + Lenovo Thinkstations


The very first task we needed to do at Autodesk University [AU] 2014 was install Windows 7 via Net Boot (PXE) from a default Windows 7 image on the server to hundreds of computers.  

Normally, when you hit F12 to get to the boot option, the system will wait for user intervention before going to the next step.  i.e. F12, System will wait, Choose Network (PXE) option.  For the Lenovo Workstations, the BIOS will boot into Windows if you wait too long in the Net Boot option. i.e. F12, System waits for 30 seconds and if there is no user intervention, it will boot straight into the local install of Windows.

Why would this be an issue?  You can't batch turn on a bunch of computers to quickly image them.

Scenario 1 with HP & Dell Workstations

Turn on Computer 1, F12
Turn on Computer 2, F12
Turn on Computer 3, F12
Turn on Computer 4, F12
Turn on Computer 5, F12

This can take a couple of minutes but you then loop back to Computer 1, you can choose the Network option and the Computer will connect to the imaging server to get a default Windows 7 image loaded.

Scenario 2 with Lenovo Workstations

Turn on Computer 1, F12, the system boot into default Windows if you don't choose Network within 30 seconds.  

This workflow requires you to be at the workstation during the entire boot process.


For the Lenovo Workstations, just unplug the keyboard before turning on the computer and it will automatically boot into Network mode, then plug-in the keyboard afterwards.

Below is another post about various computer configuration issues dealing with keyboards, mice and monitors:

Environment Variable on the Mac + maya.env + Options files on Windows


Some key concepts are covered in this post:

  • Advanced Options File setup (LM_PROJECT) for all users in a group called AUS
  • Maya Environment Variables (maya.env)
  • Adding an Environment Variable on the Mac (10.9 - launch.conf | 10.10 - autodesk.environment.plist)

The Story...

We have this site that has setup a very sophisticated options file that uses LM_PROJECT.  A really good description of LM_PROJECT can be found here:

In this scenario, we want an Autodesk product that runs on the Mac to use the LM_PROJECT environment variable.  The LM_PROJECT environment variable is allotting a group of licenses for a group called: AUS.

If you are a Maya user, it is pretty easy to add an environment variable in Maya.  It is a matter adding it into a maya.env file and this workflow works in Windows, Mac or Linux.  What makes this story interesting is that we added a licensing environment variable (LM_PROJECT) to the maya.env.

Adding an Environment Variable for Maya on Mac [Screencast video]

The next trick is to add the LM_PROJECT to AutoCAD on the Mac.  The problem is that the maya.env only works with Maya so this means we need to add a system wide Environment Variable on the Mac.

Adding an Environment Variable for the Mac [Screencast video]



Thanks to Matt Haugen for contributing & confirming the workflow for  Mac OS 10.10 [Yosemite]. 

1. Create a plist file in /Library/LaunchAgents.i.e. autodesk.environment.plist. 
2. The contents of the plist should be similar to the following. The only variable that would change would be international to be whatever project you want to set.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
launchctl setenv LM_PROJECT international