How do I create a deployment of Revit 2015 R2 with the UR7 + UR8 + UR9?


Please check out the following article:

What is confusing is the name of the browser downloaded file:


This file name has R2 in it it but it does not have the Revit 2015 R2 enhancement, you need to download it in the Product Enhancements section in our Autodesk Acccount [Subscription Benefit].

Workflow Video:

Source Media and Service Pack Updates


It is much easier to keep the media or deployment paths in the same location on the server.  In fact, it's a law refenced here:

In some instances, you will need to change the path of the source media in a deployment, please review this article:

Happy hacking and thanks to Jeffry Asbury & Jeremy Hanson for sharing this tip with the community!


AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 + Blank Ribbon + AU = Updated Article

At Autodesk University [AU], when we deployed Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate 2015, we had this problem with AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 when launching it.


As soon as I saw this error, I knew the cause of the problem. We were using an SCCM Administrator account to install the software.  After installing the software, we were running the software in an account called Expert.  Please check out the solution below to solve the problem:

I just updated the solution above with another workflow that will save you 8 steps. When you are prepping hundreds of computers, that is a lot of time saved!

In summary, we just needed to copy the C3D Support folders to the user account's Local & Roaming location before we ran AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015.  The SCCM guru at AU created a batch script that we pushed out to the lab so this process below was completed by a double click.


AutoCAD Plant Design Suite 2015 Deployment Hotfix

If you had problems creating a deployment for Plant Design Suite, please check out the following article:

The hotfix should also solve the issue below:

Object enabler causes deployment of Plant Design Suite 2015 to fail

Recently been troubleshooting deployments for Plant Design Suite 2015. There are some issues that we are working on and one of them is the deployment not installing when AutoCAD Plant 3D OE is included in AutoCAD.


The solution is noted in this knowledge article:

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 + Error 25541 + UpiConfig.xml

You have created a Civil 3D 2014 deployment and when installing the software, you are get this error:


Error 25541. Failed to open XML file C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Autodek Civil 3D 2014\en-US\UPI\UpiConfig.xml, system error: -2147024786

Please check out the solution here:

Deploying Alias 2014 Help

The documentation for deploying the help files locally is noted here:

To ensure that it will work correctly, please follow these steps [which is slightly different from the documentation]:

1.  Create an Alias Automotive 2014 Deployment.  The example path used in our tests was:


2.  Create an ALIASHELP folder the Img folder and not AdminImage folder mentioned in the documention.


3.  Place the help installer file [autodesk_alias_2014_help.exe] in ALIASHELP folder.


When you edit the DEPLOYMENTNAME.ini file that is in the Img folder, the value is:

PRODUCT_NAME=Autodesk Alias 2014 Help
EXE_PARAM=s -a -s

The documentation states the following which is incorrect.

PRODUCT_NAME=Autodesk Alias 2014 Help
EXE_PARAM=s -a -s

For comparision, we have included the default .ini file and the edited .ini file for your reference, using a Text Editor [Notepad], open both files and search for ALIASHELP.

Hack [installs help files]:  TEST.ini
Default: TEST-default.ini

If you try to use the Include Addtional Software in the installation wizard noted below:


Your installation will still require input when you get to the autodesk_alias_2014_help.exe file even if your deployment is set to silent.


To get around the extraction wizard interaction, our expert from the Autodesk Japan office [Osamu Motoyama] added this flag in the command line parameter section of the wizard:  s -a -s via the EXE_PARAM value noted above.


Bonus tip: