AutoCAD 2013 / 2014 Crashing with Windows 8

There has been an issue reported where using multiple dropdown menus within AutoCAD 2013/2014 with Windows 8 will cause the program to freeze. Ending the process in task manager has been the only way to close the program. It appears as though the cause has been found. Evidently if you have a iPhone plugged in to your computer while running AutoCAD, this freeze can happen. Unplugging the phone causes AutoCAD to work correctly again.

via withoutanet.typepad.com

Download Manager + USB Broadband Card

Do you use this to connect to the internet?


We have some interesting issues with the Download Manager with the Pantech USB Verizon UML290 Modem card. 

"When using the Akamai Download Manager and trying to register 3DS Max the process always failed because of "No Internet Connection". This was despite the fact that I had a perfectly functional internet connection. The only time it would work is if I was physically connected to a hardwired network or WiFi connection."

AutoCAD and IOGEAR USB External HD Video Adapter

We just got a report of an unhandled error solved by uninstalling the software used for a IOGEAR USB External HD Video Adapter.

The user was using AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 and upon launch, there was a Fatal Error: Unhandled access violation writing 0x006c exception at eef15eabh.

Thanks to Heath Kuszak for sharing this tip with the community.  For additional known fixes for unhandled and fatal errors on our blog site, please put this into a Google search:

unhandled fatal site:http://upandready.typepad.com/


Error: adlmpit.dll (126)! error when installing Autodesk software

We recently got this case in our queue and when installing our software, the error was:


Failed to load  C:\Users\YOUR-USER-NAME\appdata\local\temp\_#.tmp\setup\adlm.dll (126)!

In this case, the problem was caused by a 3rd party software called Desktop Studio.  It is a component of Citrix XenDesktop.  Once this 3rd party software was uninstalled, everything Autodesk worked as expected.

Just a note that we currently only support Citrix XenApp and not Citrix XenDesktop.


Citrix On-Demand Access to Autodesk Products

Thanks to Brian Parish for sharing this solution to the community!

Quick Start: File Systems that we support

The definition for a computer's file system is noted here:


PersonalIy, I really like this one because it is a trip down memory lane:



Below are some notable links about file systems on our site:

Distributed File System (DFS) support


Support for non-Microsoft networks


Problems creating a network or multi-seat standalone deployment image


AutoCAD for Mac won't run on hard drive with "Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled)" format


Linux & Mac: StoneFS vs Standard FS


Maya & NFS + Novell Networks


XFS Filesystems


Autodesk software and hosted operating system environments


Thanks to Chris Aquino for contributing a bit to this post!!

Tip: Getting your system information

One of the things that we will need to troubleshoot computer problems is to get your system information.

On Windows:

1.  Go to the Start button >  Type:  msinfo32 > Enter


2.  Make sure you have System Summary highlighted and go to File > Export and save it as a Text File.  


3.  You can also  compress you file to make it smaller.


On the Mac: 

1.  Go to the Apple > About this Mac and click on More Info.


2.  Click on System Report button.


3.  File > Export as Text or File > Save as or File > Save [10.9 or higher].


Tip: Drive Lettering

When I setup my Computer, I normally map the DVD drive so that it's near the end of the alphabet i.e. Y:\ or Z:\.  Please check out the 2 images below and you will see why....


 If you plug in a USB drive, I hate that the data drives that are not 'beside' each other.


If you don't know how to assign drive letters to your drives, check out this Microsoft solution:


Thanks to Lap Ho for sharing this tip.

Tip: Rename "Computer" to your actual computer name

The default desktop icon and name for your computer is:  Computer.  If you change Computer to the actual computer name, you can easily access the UNC path of your computer by using Windows Explorer by adding a \\ in the address bar.

Please check out this video tutorial: Computer-to-Computer-name


I have encoded this movie as an .mp4.  Windows Media Player in Windows 7 should be able to play it.  If not, then you need to download Quick Time or VLC Player.

Running Composite with a lot of CPUs

Just an FYI.  If you are running a dual x 8 core computer with Hyper-Threading [HT] turned on, Composite will not run and crash just after the splash screen.

2 CPUs x 8 Cores per CPU x 2 [HT] = 32  CPUs = Composite Crash!

There is a reference post here in The Area:


The temporary solution is to disable Hyperthreading.  The Development team has been alerted of this issue.

Using a Mac as a license server and "Server line says" error...

We are starting to get more cases on this interesting issue when using a Mac as a license server. Normally, you would need to use the built-in Ethernet card to generate a license file but you may actually now need to use the  802.11n Wi-Fi wireless networking card instead if you get this error:


Server line says #, hostid is #

I have seen this error before affecting Mac Mini's but I have now seen this problem on an iMac running Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion).  NOTE:  The server software is not supported yet on the latest Mac operating system.

Eric Kunzendorf-error

Apple is not including a built-in Ethernet card for some of their hardware.  It is an interesting co-incidence.


Thanks to Eric Kunzendorf for confirming this solution.