Command Line installation on Mac for 2016 products


Please note the following articles and installation docs for setting up a command line installation for Maya and Mudbox for Mac. Please keep an eye out for the syntax!


Maya 2015/Mudbox 2015

Maya 2016

Mudbox 2016

The syntax is noted below:

Maya 2015 syntax is:        --license_type=<kNetwork or kStandalone>
Mudbox 2015 syntax is:    --license_type=<kNetwork or kStandalone>

Maya 2015 syntax is:        --license_type=<kNetwork or kStandalone>
Mudbox 2016 syntax is:    --license_type=<Network or Standalone>

Browser Download + Pop Up Settings + Autodesk Accounts

You will need to enable Pop Ups if you plan to use a Browser Download of the Software from Autodesk Accounts.

I have included a screencast here on how to do it in Google Chrome:

You will basically need to add a Pop Up exception to this URL:


Application Manager doesn't update and there is no progress (spinning black circles)

Application Manager

This was a tricky issue and it was actually solved by turning off your Antivirus software.  Please check out this article for more details:

Thanks to Etienne Lavoie for sharing this tip with the community.


Installing Office 365 removes VBA 7 modules and prevents Inventor 2014 from working properly

I was doing some audits of cases and articles for the team and I found this one interesting....

Just another tidbit of information....

Maya LT Trial will not start. "We will be back soon" error message

Here is another antivirus issue that affects Maya LT 2015 SP3 or Maya LT 2016.  The error is:

We will be back soon

Please check out this article to solve the problem:

Thanks to Jeffry Asbury for figuring out this interesting issue!



How do I create a deployment of Revit 2015 R2 with the UR7?


Please check out the following article:

What is confusing is the name of the browser downloaded file:


This file name has R2 in it it but it does not have the Revit 2015 R2 enhancement, you need to download it in the Product Enhancements section in our Autodesk Acccount [Subscription Benefit].

Workflow Video:

Browser Download files are 2 GB in size


We have been keeping our Browser Download files in the 4 GB range.  To have a better user experience for 2016 products, the downloads now have a max size limit of 2 GB.  This means that you need to download more parts but hopefully, it will not get corrupted.

In summary, all the parts should be 2 GB in size except for the LAST part.  

TIP:  When choosing a browser download from the Autodesk Manage site, you may need to disable pop-up blockers because the download has several parts in it.

AutoCAD Crashing + Analyzing a dump file = Problem with IBM Security Access Manager

One our technical gurus [Jeremy Hanson] was troubleshooting an AutoCAD crashing at startup issue.  He used WinDBG to analyse the dump file (acminidump.dmp) to get the answer.  The basics of using WinDBG is noted here:

In this case the WinDBG mentioned a problem with this DLL: ObsBaseAgent64.dll and it was a part of IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On.  In this case, we followed the steps in this article to solve the problem: